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  1. Default Anyone fished ocean isle beach?

    My family and I are going to ocean isle beach, nc at the end of July. I know it's going to be hot as blazes, but that's the only time frame that worked for us. I'm thinking about taking the fly rod this year. I've never done much fishing around there, we usually just lay on the beach all day and relax at night. That said this year I'm taking the 8-wt and hope to get into some fish.

    Anyone have any recommendations? I've heard there are tons of flounder in the area and would love some tips on where to fish, what to use, etc. Reds would be great too! I'm not in the salt enough to really get good at it but would appreciate all the help I could get. PMs would be great if you don't want to publish on here.

    That said I'm staying mid-island and am thinking about renting a kayak. I'm planning on getting some sink tip line and bringing a pile of clousers and kreelexes. Might look into a couple shrimp patterns as well.



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    Default Re: Anyone fished ocean isle beach?

    It's difficult to fish from the beach.
    BUT, when we visit that area I fish from a kayak or inflatable raft (with oars). Once you get outside the breakers, you can catch a boatload of bluefish and mackerel. I've caught most of them on bait-casting reels (artificial lures), but occasionally on flyrod (anything shiny works). Problem for flyrod is you're so low to the water in a kayak that your casting distance is limited. Great fun, though.

    Yup, it's HOT!

  3. Default Re: Anyone fished ocean isle beach?

    i live here on Ocean Isle Beach and fish several times a week (fresh and saltwater)...

    The Shallotte Inlet (east end of oib) is a great place to surf fish and fly fish.... hightide is of course the best time to surf fish but have caught grouper, flounder trout, blues, drum, mackerel, bass, mullet, and unfortunately sharks (they ruin a lot of my flounder rigs)... several large trout, drum and flounder and a few big old grouper...

    i use live shrimp and mud minnows on a flounder rig with a float and gold/silver mustad... the trout love the live shrimp... with the fly rod i use bright colors & natural colors and any fly/jig that is shiny and has a small mustad (spoon) and/or a long tail..... anything that looks like a shrimp will also work...

    The Trout (running now most heavily about 2 hrs before high tide) also love VUDU 3 1/2" LIVE SHRIMP lures in green or natural colors.

    The Shallotte river is also a great place to catch your share of trout and flounder among other fish.

    Large mouth bass fishing is great around here as well... my sons are 10 & 12 and saltwater fishing isnt "as much fun" to them because of the bugs and length of time between landing fish... we usually hit the retention ponds around town early in he morning 6am thur 9am and late evenings 6pm till dark... We find our ponds by using google maps and finding those that are the most shallow and catch at least 3 each that are between 5 lbs & 8 lbs and several under 5 lbs... we only use rubber worms that are dark purple, dark blue, dark green (watermelon)... lots of action but watch out for gators...

    Good luck and enjoy your trip!

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    Also in Sunset Beach Hogs Inlet and in Calabash Milliken Cove and in Litle River Sheepshead Creek are also pretty good spots...

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