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I've been on the water my entire life and I'm ready to try something good new I'm looking to do some fly fishing in the flats around southeast texas mainly for redfish and trout. What size rod and reel should I use there are so many I do t know what I'm looking for. This being my first time and a learning experience I don't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on the "best in the market" something reasonable. Mainly will fish for reds if that helps also any advice with types of liters to use would be helpful as well. Thanks everyone
I was in the same place (except SE Florida instead of SE Texas) a few months ago. Did a ton of research, and ended up with a TFO BVK 8 wt rod and a Sage 1880 reel. Since then, I have purchased a Lamson Konic II, and now have Rio saltwater line on the Lamson and some bass taper on the Sage for freshwater.

I bought the BVK online from Stillwater Fly Shop for $260 and they will include line (which retails for up to $80). Cabela's has the Lamson Reel on sale for $130. So for less than $400 you can have an entire outfit that should be as good as you'd ever need. If you want to save yourself about $100, you can get the Cabela's Wind River 7/8 reel for about $20 and then trade up to a more expensive reel later on, after you've had some time to fish with the rod and line. That said, I bought a Cabela's TLr rod in 6 wt for about $70 and it seems to be a great rod. They have them on sale now, and you can get an 8 wt for about $70. Keep in mind, though, that while that is $190 less than the BVK, Stillwater will include the line, so it is really $110 less. So you can keep it all under $200 if you really want, but the Cabelas rod is not as good as the TFO and the Wind River reel is nowhere near as nice as the Lamson. You can spend under $200 now for a decent setup, but unless you really don't plan to do a lot of fly fishing, you will soon find that you are not happy with it, and you will end up paying for better equipment. If you spend a little more up front, you may end up saving money by not paying for a second outfit later on.