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    Default Panama City. whats it like

    with the cost of the air fare the wife don't want to make the trip to he keys like I wanted to so we are looking at different places.
    what is it like in Panama City FL and what's the fishing like there. I assume red fishing is good as well as offshore fishing in the gulf
    can you all give me some ideas on it please

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    Default Re: Panama City. whats it like

    Went a couple years ago on a multi-family trip. Lots of kids with us, so my fishing time was quite limited. Water was beautiful though! Lots of nearly tame dolphins out the inlet that folks were swimming with. I found bait to be easy to catch with a sabiki at the sea buoy and found good action on live bait offshore a little ways out. Did not get a chance to do any inshore, but looked good.

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    I know this is an old thread, but I just joined the forum. I fish PCB all the time, I own a place there. The fishing is great, St. Andrews Bay has all the redfish and trout a person could want pretty much year round. The bay has miles and miles of shallow flats, there are feeder tidal streams in various places plus blowouts and channels that can be full of redfish and trout at the right time. You also have lots of docks that hold fish too.

    Tarpon show up in the summer and are there until September, I was tarpon fishing the past two weekends (something I rarely do and admit I am not great at). The tarpon cruise the beaches and are easy to see, they also hang out in any cut or pass you find along the whole of the panhandle. Not many people fish for tarpon there, it is about meat fish, grouper, snapper and with some, king mackeral are the general target. Pompano are there year round with the spring and fall being peak times. This year there were more sailfish than usual, I think more people were targeting them, once again it is something rarely fished for. There is also a great cobia run every spring with some hanging around all year.

    Offshore, you get blackfin tuna and bonita feeding on top in some rather large schools. A lot of Amber Jack and Almaco Jacks, along with the grouper, red, gag and scamp in close and further out snowy grouper. There are more red snapper than you would want with the seasons there. Also marlin, both blue and white, along with swordfish if you are willing to make the run. Yellowfin tuna are also encountered on the long runs offshore.

    Bluefish and spanish mackeral flood the beaches at times along with the inlets. Flounder and sheephead are common targets too, especially in the fall and winter. I have just scratched the surface, there have been some baby tarpon caught this year in the bays which is something new, they might have been there but nobody ever fishes for them and like I said earlier, tarpon are rarely targeted.

    During the winter time St. Andrews bay and the other surrounding sounds and bays get loaded with redhead ducks, bluebills, other divers and some pintails, teal, gadwall, etc.. this makes for a great shot and cast trip, ducks early and redfish and trout during the afternoon.

    We had a jigging tournament in August, a number of people came up from the Miami area, they had a blast, and already have plans to fish up there again, if they drive from the south FLA fishery, to include the keys, to fish up there that has to say something about the fishery.

    Not many people flyfish, though it is growing, I am new to it, because of the weird grouper and snapper seasons (the bread and butter fish of the region) people are expanding. Most of the redfish you catch will be over slot, which is fun for catching, not so great for eatig though.....

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    It's Fishy .........year round


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