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    Default Okuma reels for Salt Water?

    I live in Central Florida and I want an inexpensive reel for flats fishing, trout/reds. What about some of the Okuma reels? Do any of you used them and if so what models and how well do they hold up? What about the medalist 1500 series, it's not a large arbor but other that that how well does it work, any other suggestions. Thanks

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    Default Re: Okuma reels for Salt Water?

    Whoa...guess not much interest in those reels.

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    Default Re: Okuma reels for Salt Water?

    Hi Red Owl,

    I was hoping someone would have some information on those reels. Here are my thoughts. Reds and Trout are not big runners and you could use a cheap real for a while. If you are serious about Saltwater fishing you need to think about getting a higher quality reel with a good drag. The reels you are looking at would not be my choice even for a cheap reel.

    If I were you I would be looking at a Teton Model 8-10 LA. This fly shop has one on sale for $160. This would be a much better choice for a Saltwater reel.


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    I agree with Frank on inexpensive Tetons they are USA machined with a sealed drag...would add check ebay for blems...on a try I've caught two tarpon... key west..80-110 range on a 12Large Arbor...with this caveat...flats with guide...and in hand fighting drag and always keeping the fish on the fly line after the first run...the reel drag was 2lbs straight pull measured...I use abels as primary but the old round hole big games which were and are considerably less than the Super Series

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    Default Re: Okuma reels for Salt Water?

    Thanks Frank, I agree- no use throwing away money when a little more gets you something better. I know a sealed drag is a benefit in Salt Water but I don't really understand what is a sealed drag. I assume you still have to wash off the reel after fishing. Do you need to remove the reel or just rinse it down? Thanks for any help.

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    Let's not be too hasty to trash Okuma reels. I us an Integrity 8/9 as a back up bonefish reel. When my Lamson gave it up on the first day, the okuma was pressed into service and landed a few dozen bones (the largest maybe 8 lb). I have also used an Integrity 10/11 for sharking. That integrity has been attached to around 50 lemons and blacktips in the 4 - 7 foot range and never let me down. The Okuma one way bearing and drag are smooth and strong. The only knock I have on the Integrity is the finish. It will come off meaning that the reel will eventually corode in saltwater. They have the guts to handle big fish but family heirlooms they are not!


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    Default Re: Okuma reels for Salt Water?

    Thanks Guy for the objective reply. I now have to decide which way to go, since this reel will probably be only for salt water I may still opt for one slightly more expensive. It sounds like in fresh water -steel head, etc,- the reel ought to hold up pretty well.

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