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Thread: Rod help!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sevenweight View Post
    Sage Salt rods are on closeout for $350 in a number of places. I've never cast the higher weights, but like my Salt 9-weight a lot (better than my Scott Meridian 8, for example).
    Not to hijack this thread but where do you see Salts for $350?

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    Still in NY , looking quick before everyone is up.

    Had to look back for purpose.

    Recently got Pro II for friend starting out. Main reason was to have quicker learning curve to casting line.
    If a fast action tip flex is what your looking for to start. Learning to be proficient at casting may take longer.
    However I have or have used rods mentioned by others in prior posts.
    TiCr (with no x) is what led to the TiCrx. A better rod for what intention of rod is.
    GL 3's caught my attention. They are good rods. For whatever my disfunction is, I've shortened both of mine by 6"s.
    Close out rods are a good source for rods. The Sage rods mentioned are not as fast as the TiCrx. If you can find older Sage XP's or even older RPL+'s. You have as fast Sage. Unless you get a bit crazy and get a Sage X. Costly, but fastest from Sage since XP.

    If possible I would recomend trying as many choices as possible. Side by side (again if possible) so you understand feel of each.

    ......... pc

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    Quote Originally Posted by banjominnow View Post
    Not to hijack this thread but where do you see Salts for $350?
    ... in fact I didn't. I glanced too quickly at the offer and it is $550, with savings of $320. Clearly outside the OP's target price range. Sorry for any inconvenience. Here's the page, anyway:

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    Quote Originally Posted by sevenweight View Post
    ... in fact I didn't. I glanced too quickly at the offer and it is $550, with savings of $320. Clearly outside the OP's target price range. Sorry for any inconvenience. Here's the page, anyway:
    They have been on sale for $499 online. A few months ago I picked up a used Salt, never actually used and not registered for $425. I would imagine that because they have been discontinued you could get them used, but never actually used for around $400.

    I just keep a list of rods I want and when they come up on the auction site sometimes I can get a rod with warranty card at a steep discount.

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    I live down here too. I have a Loomis Gl3 in a 2 pc ten weight and it's served me well, I would recommend looking at that used one on offer. I also have a Reddington predator in #8 and it's an awesome rod. The thing is though, I generally find myself using a #8 or a #6 while the ten weight stays home. If you are after big tarpon or Bonita or chase cudas or spinners off shore maybe think about a #12. A ten weight is a good rod, but I mostly get it out when it's windy as a #8 is a lot more fun to cast all day. Your reel will work with any of those lines, just think about the extra weight of the ten versus the size fish you plan on catching. The ten is great throwing clousers and deceivers in the wind, but is it a bit heavy. Whichever you go with, let me STRONGLY recommend RIO OUTBOUND tropical (make sure it's tropical) WF line. It shoots beautifully and will turn over a big fly. It's pricy, but worth every penny.
    Good luck.

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    I found the TFO mangrove to be a fairly heavy and stiff rod while casting it at a fly expo. Never fished it though. It could have been an unbalanced setup. It is the same blank as the TFO Esox. Only difference is the extended butt is longer on the ESOX for figure 8's with muskie.

    The predator rods from Redington are more of a med-fast action. It would be a good rod for new saltwater fishers. Not too stiff but has enough backbone to push into the wind and fight big fish.

    I have a new 2017 Red. Predator in the 10wt I would be willing to sell if you are interested used twice in fresh water. Got both the 10 and 11wt and decided to stick with the 11wt. becsuse it is better for my needs. $250 shipped with a blank warranty card. Send me a PM if you are interested.

    Think ahead to what you will be doing with it. If you want it for Tarpon bigger than 50lb I would go with an 11wt min. Basically to cover your salt water needs down the road you could go with an 8, 10 & 12wt. Or a 9 and 11.wt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_besta View Post
    Temple Fork Outfitters-

    TFO Pro II - Medium Fast Action, 9’, 4 piece, 10wt, 4.6oz priced at $169.95
    My only question for this rod is it comes in a 10wt... yet is so much cheaper than the other 2 rods from TFO i am looking into.... how much am i sacrificing in the price difference?

    TFO Mangrove - Fast Action, 9', 4 piece, 10wt, seems definetly more geared towards saltwater than the pro II

    TFO ESOX - Fast Action, 9', 4 piece, 10 or 12 wt, definetly geared more towards larger fish.. weighs a little bit more than the other rods, but i have friends with flats boats and towers so think i will be doing more sight fishing than blind casting, so not to worried about that

    TFO TiCr X - medium fast action, 9', 4 piece, 10 wt.


    Redington Predator - 10 or 11 wt

    Redington Vapen - 10 or 11 wt
    I'd rule out the Pro II. As you said, it doesn't seem right for salt. In it's place, I'd consider the BVK. It casts farther than the Mangrove with better accuracy, although the Mangrove is a stronger rod. The TiCr might be the best choice of those three. TFO rates it better for presentation than the Mangrove and better for lifting than the BVK, so while not the best of both worlds, it sounds like it has some good from both.

    I have a BVK and really like it, but I have heard that some people have had them break. I've never had a problem. The BVK casts beautifully and is very accurate. I am still a pretty much a novice, so I cannot cast more than about 70', but I can get close to a target with it at that distance. A guide once cast the entire 100' line with my 8-wt BVK lined with 9-wt Rio Bonefish QS, so I know that it can reach that.

    I don't know anything about the Predator or Vapen, but I have a couple other Redingtons and I think they make a nice product for the price. Redington is owned by Sage, so think Toyota/Lexus, Honda/Acura, or Nissan/Infiniti. The Redington is no Sage, but it is still a very good product.

    Where in Florida are you?

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    I use the TiCrX #10 here for pike and musky. Like others have mentioned the thing is a broomstick, not sure how it got the label medium fast. Not normally my type of rod action, but I've come to like it as it can lift and launch big bugs with ease, which is essentially what I wanted it for.

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    If I'm not late.
    First choose the weight you need. 9 is very different to 10, 10 to 11. Very important. Pick the first saltwater you need today, then buy others.
    Usually people go 8, 10, 12. I do not have 8. My quiver is 9,10,11,12, it's just happen this way.
    Minimum quiver to cover places around the world is 9,10,12, but variation could be great, depends where you will fish.
    Unless you live next to the water - 4 piece rod.
    From your list I only used TFO TiCr X, even I agree it is a bit heavy and stiff it is very easy to cast. I can live with it without problem.
    From Redington have old CPS, for the money - super rod. Heard good things about VICE model. Any chance to try - try.
    Line like always makes huge difference to rod and fishing.

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    Indeed, if you can score a discontinued Sage SALT in your price range, you would be a lucky angler. In the mid-price group, I too favor Rajeff Sports ECHO3s and Rise Fishing's Level Series.

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