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Thread: Rod help!!!!

  1. Default Rod help!!!!

    Good evening everyone.

    I was just given a brand new Redington Behemoth 9/10 for free, so i am looking to get a 10 or 11 wt rod to stick it on for coastal fishing here in Florida.

    Targeting bigger fish has always been a dream, but have never lived in a place where it was convenient to target them, so i have never really looked all that into gear and such.

    I have been reading up on rods i have been looking to get ($200-$350 range, as will be my first set up) but am looking for some knowledge and guidance on which way to go, aswell as any feedback if you yourself has ever owned or used one of these rods! Below are a few of the rods i am looking into, any info and explanation to my questions would be greatly appreciated!

    Temple Fork Outfitters-

    TFO Pro II - Medium Fast Action, 9, 4 piece, 10wt, 4.6oz priced at $169.95
    My only question for this rod is it comes in a 10wt... yet is so much cheaper than the other 2 rods from TFO i am looking into.... how much am i sacrificing in the price difference?

    TFO Mangrove - Fast Action, 9', 4 piece, 10wt, seems definetly more geared towards saltwater than the pro II

    TFO ESOX - Fast Action, 9', 4 piece, 10 or 12 wt, definetly geared more towards larger fish.. weighs a little bit more than the other rods, but i have friends with flats boats and towers so think i will be doing more sight fishing than blind casting, so not to worried about that

    TFO TiCr X - medium fast action, 9', 4 piece, 10 wt.


    Redington Predator - 10 or 11 wt

    Redington Vapen - 10 or 11 wt

    Please let me know if you can lead me in any direction on which rod to look into, or any ups/downs you can see or know about any of them... again, i will be using this to target redfish, snook, cobia, hopefully some tarpon, and pretty much anything within that size range.

    Also if you know of any other rods i should look into!

    Thanks and happy fishin!

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    Default Re: Rod help!!!!

    Welcome to the forum. Have you ever cast a large fly rod before? It would be helpful if you could before you buy. Some of those rods you listed are pretty stiff. As they should be, because they are designed for predator species. There are members on the forum with experience with the models you listed so hopefully you will get some feedback. I do have a very nice Gloomis GL3 10WT listed in the classifieds I am selling for a friend. It is a two piece, but that is actually my preference in a big game rod.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iatrouter
    It is a two piece, but that is actually my preference in a big game rod.
    Yeah. 4 of my tarpon rods are 2 piece with foregrips. One is a 4 piece that snapped at the butt ferrule on a big mamma the other 4 piece I got for my daughter and keep for her. A friend snapped off the tip with a fly but Sage fixed it.

    It makes no sense to me to have the rod butt skinnier than the second section of a 4 piece on a big fish rod. If the manufacturers would put the female ferrule on the butt section of a 4 piece it might not be so bad. I think it is the same old same old. Cut weight. But how much are they saving? Cheers, Jim

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    I think the predator is good rod. Check out the Echo 3 those are also some good rods. Yes these are some fast action stiff rods so look at Cortland guide fly lines and airflo fly lines, heavier fly lines that load today's fast action rods.

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    For what you're looking to do, my choice from your list would be the Mangrove. It's an extremely durable and capable rod that will stand up to the salt. I fish my 7 weight in the salt when I'm there but also for carp, bass, trout, etc. It's excellent for sight casting to big fish and the TiCr coating helps with clouser collisions and banging around in the boat. For heavy salt fishing, I'd steer clear of the Pro. II. I've owned two of them and they're fine rods in freshwater, but I had some breakage issues out of the 7 weight i owned.

    The Esox is supposedly the same blank as the Mangrove, just FYI.

    The Predator would be my next choice after the Mangrove, and it will be faster.

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    Default Re: Rod help!!!!

    TiCrx............. pro would probably be good rod for learning. Not sure where you got med-fst for TiCrx. It's as fast as any TFO rod.
    Have 3 different weights. Rod is a fish fighting tool. Not affraid to put it to any fish (within reason) with any of the three.
    Look up TFO, charts top right of rods can be used to compare rods.

    ....... pc

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    Default Re: Rod help!!!!

    TiCr (no X)

    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Sage Salt rods are on closeout for $350 in a number of places. I've never cast the higher weights, but like my Salt 9-weight a lot (better than my Scott Meridian 8, for example).

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    What would stop you from getting something higher-end from days past, like a good-condition Xi2 or 3, GLX, etc? I have a 1090 Xi2 and like it better than most of the rods on the market, and used it should be available right at the mid to upper tier of your budget.

    The Predator's a good rod otherwise. I'm not very familiar with TFO rods, I had too many of them blow up and it put a sour taste in my mouth to the brand.

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    Default Re: Rod help!!!!

    The TiCrX is a really stiff rod, perhaps the stiffest on your list. I have a 6 weight but I usually match it with a 7 or 8 weight line. I wouldn't recommend it if you're new to casting heavier-line rods.

    It's the end of the selling season and we are starting to see discontinued premium rods at closeout prices. If you can really get a Sage Salt (or something similar) for $350 as mentioned above, I'd pick that over any TFO.

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