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Thread: Bonefish Outfit

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    I always did say Steve was a good guy. Congrats and enjoy.


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    Hey Fish Boy

    Have you tried your new Loomis outfit yet? I'm interested in knowing how well you like it. I'm in the market for a new rod and really like the Stream Dance series. Please post an update.


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    The Cross Current is fantastic. I took it to the coast this week and its great. I just love it. The rod definitely has stiff power & a fast taper. Easy to cast. And the finish is just beautiful. It’s the nicest looking rod that I’ve ever seen… period. I would recommend the G.Loomis Cross Current to anyone.

    The Stream Dance that you're considering has a very nice finish also. I've not cast one but I'm guessing the qualty is probably the same as the Cross Current.

    Fish Boy

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    Fish Boy is right on ... StreamDance is a high quality rod ... I'ce reviewed two - the Maximum Line Speed 5-wgt. GLX and a Metolius 3-weight. Cannot say enough good about either ... But take care ... there are 26 rods inn the StreamDance series featuring 3 very different actions -- the Presentation, High Line Speed, and the Maximum Line Speed. So make your decision thoughtfully. You can see what I had to say about Mr. Max (the single Maximum Line Speed offered) by following this link:


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    Doug Macnair is right on target when it comes to fly rods. The G Loomis Mega Taper 8/9 cannot be beat. It is often overlooked because of its shorter length. At 8'6", the rod is long enough to handle the wind and most fish you will hook into. If I only had one rod for all around salt water fishing the flats and coastal waters, it would be the Mega Taper. Even though it is no longer in production, I found a couple in a warehouse in Canada and got a steal on the rod I bought. Unfortunately, others have found the warehouse and they are sold out. I also agree with Doug to some extent on the choice of fly reel. I recommend the Waterworks ULA...I own 2 of them (3XLT and the 3.4). The new ULA 3XLT is light and, because of the spool design, the backing dries quickly. The reel is easy to clean and the drag is slick as silk. I used the reel last week in Cozumel and the drag easily handled a 3 foot cuda. I have several Tibor reels and thought I would ever need anything but...then Doug introduced me to a ULA he was testing. If you look on Ebay, you can find a Mega Taper from time to time. My choice is the 3 piece only because I have to transport the rod and gear by way of the ferry from Playa to Cozumel and the smaller rod case is a plus over the 2 piece.

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