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Thread: Tail Fly Fishing Magazine

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    Default Re: Tail Fly Fishing Magazine

    All the issues have been great that I have read. Covers the gamut of destinations to technique to fly tying - probably why I like it!

    I would enjoy a good article on saltwater knots :-) Actually there are some forum "articles" on the site here that might be a basis for magazine articles.

    In addition to being a fly fisherman, I have been an international hunter for many years. One thing I can tell you - destination anglers are like destination hunters: it is not just a hobby, it is a lifestyle. The travel, the adventure, the overall experience is what we seek.

    Tail Magazine appeals to me because it views saltwater fly fishing as a lifestyle. I would happily pay twice what the subscription rate is for the magazine to continue in its current direction...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dennyk View Post
    Sounds like a good magazine, I sure would like to find something similar for freshwater.


    Yes - So would I!!

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    Default Re: Tail Fly Fishing Magazine

    There is probably not much they could do to get me to subscribe. When Fly Fishing Saltwaters went away I had already decided to let my subscription lapse. They just sped up the process. I learn more from this and other forums now.

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    Default Re: Tail Fly Fishing Magazine

    I enjoy the forums and learn alot from them along with various blogs and YouTube is the best thing ever for fly tying but for serious relaxation I still kick back in my favorite chair with a good magazine

    I also always carry a few on the plane with me when traveling for work and sometimes I read them two or three times.. LOL!!!

    Books and magazines - I just can't give them up

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    I'm the same way. You can get anything you need by googling it, but there's something special about having a physical magazine to flip through. I'm 37 and so I was young enough to easily adapt to the internet, but old enough to have already gained a great love for books and magazines.

    I met the guys from Tail Magazine at ICAST/IFTD. They were great folks that I enjoyed talking with and the magazine is really well done. It feels more like yearly journal than a monthly magazine. I haven't subscribed to a magazine in years, but I am considering it with Tail Fly Fishing Mag.

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    Tail Fly is a great magazine. One of the only a few magazines (of any genre) that I read cover to cover.


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