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Thread: Monday Report

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    Capt Brady and I had a double boat trip today on the Bay. Suppose to be 5 persons and just like the circus they kept coming out the vehicle.. Wow 7 and two boats. Glad there was no wind. I take that back since it was so hot. Caught convict bass in all the normal places but nothing big..

    Here is some pics.

    It was a good day.

    Capt Mike

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    Hi Capt. Mike,

    Thanks for the report. You might want to state what bay you are fishing. A lot of us don't know anything about MD.


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    One of the places I take clients is the Chesapeake Bay on the MD side out of Solomons Island. I also fish the fresh tidal waters of the Potomac River just south of Washington DC. I also fish a little known Va river called the Piankatank. Mostly fly fishing and spinning. In the fall I run down to Outer Banks of North Carolina for surf fishing and fly fishing in the surf.

    I also do spider rigging southern style for crappie and live line monster catfish just below DC as well. Next week I am heading for Kipptopeake VA to fish for cobia on the fly..Cobia on a fly is a pipe dream,,, but I never give up..

    Cobia have sniffed my flys about twenty times and never once took the fly.. but I continue to try... Stubburn SMIB that way..

    Capt Mike

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