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    Default Technically - Caught On A Fly

    But not with a rod. This 25# cod was caught in this summers "Food Fishery" in 60 ft of water handlining with a weighted 6/0 hook, dressed in flourescent orange plastic and a red wooly tail.

    While "agreatcanadian" will know what the food fishery is, the majority of you won't.

    After the cod moratorium on the cod fishery in the early 90s due to severely depleted stocks, the government officials opened a "Food Fishery" where you were allowed to go out and catch up to 5 cod, per person, per day (to a maximum of 15 fish per boat).

    There's some good eatin' in that there fish.


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    Default Re: Technically - Caught On A Fly

    That's a slab! One of my friends fishes for cod or other rockfish off the north coast of California. He, too, uses flies with conventional gear. It is a popular method to use.


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