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    So true...and your reward can consist of the following 1)spotting the fish 2)hunting the fish 3) catching the fish 4)on a fly that you tied...actually it's five...releasing the fish!

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    Having spent my first two decades of bonefishing as a DIY adventure with a small group of friends, rarely employing an independent guide, I fully appreciate and acknowledge the virtues of stalking fish on your own. Since my knees began to deteriorate on me some 15 years ago, I have discovered the wonderful sense of team work fishing with a partner on a well handled skiff. I have leaned things from the senior guides (which I request) that I did not know and now only wade when it is imperative in really skinny water, preferring to cast from the deck. I also get to field many more rods and cameras and regard myself as "fishing" when my partner is up on the deck and I am sitting, managing his/her slack line in the cockpit and assisting in spotting fish...even bending on a different fly for them or procuring a cold water bottle from the cooler. I cover far more water, see many more things, not just fish but wildlife, and cast further from my higher perch. My wading all day days are in the rear view mirror and I still enjoy a significant sense of accomplishment...even if the guide sees the big boy before I do.

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