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    On the subject of species. I believe, though could be wrong. What would be more accurate is that there are sub-species. As with snook or bluefish as well as other species of fish.
    From another post time of year is different in other locales. Water temps the same. Don't think fish habits are so much different. As is the source of prey. I believe the keys is the only spot that clams are not the number one source of food. Shrimp & crabs being #'s 1& 2.

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    I'm in the same area as OP and these thoughts of DIY bonefish are starting to take ahold of me !

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    I am primarily a guided skiff flats...because I live in the mid west and fish FLA and Andros on a limited yearly basis and only have a limited time to flats, sight fish thus to maximize sighting it's the guided skiff. One exception westside of Biscayne Bay with Cordell aka bonefishwhisperer in the canoe...that's comparable to your 'yak but you cannot stand or can you?? What I would do is...the day...flat calm just before sunrise westside start of the falling tide about 100 yards off the mangroves looking east sun coming at your've got visibility nearly 180 degrees coming out of the mangroves...the start of the learning curve. Biscayne Bonefish are not easy to follow after the first sight but they are big and IMHO worth the effortBiscayne1.jpgBicayne2.jpg

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