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    Default Re: Will This Reel be Good for my new Fly Rod?

    Quote Originally Posted by pnc View Post
    Size difference enables this.

    .......... pc
    You're saying size matters? S**t!!

    But seriously...

    I second the gelspun recommendation... with a twist. I bought a Loomis Shortstix 8/9 and had some trouble pairing it with a reel because it is so light. I ended up getting an Orvis reel for 5-7 line for the lighter weight, but put on gelspun instead of dacron for the capacity. But here's the twist: I read that gelspun can cut, so as a precaution, I loaded about 50 yards of orange dacron between the fly line and the gel-spun. I figured that if a fish took me to the backing, by the time 50 yards of dacron came off the reel, I would be able to adapt and not get cut by the gelspun. Also, gelspun tends to be a fairly dull color, so the fluorescent orange dacron gives me a better visual gauge to know where the fly line ends and backing begins. I hope someday to make use of this.

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    Default Re: Will This Reel be Good for my new Fly Rod?

    Now you funny to..

    I use two different colors for backing. So I know if & when 150 yds is out. Gel-spun today is smooth and soft. Unlikely to get cut from it.
    It is also very thin. Needs to be put on under pressure. So It can't be pulled into itself on reel. After line is on reel it should feel like a rock if squeezed.
    Gel-spun can be used on most reels made. Some older or not so well made spools. Can be warped by installing gel-spun with pressure needed. I called Lamson, about putting it on cast spool of Remix. Before actually doing it.

    ......... pc

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    Default Re: Will This Reel be Good for my new Fly Rod?

    Simple answer, if it aint broke, don't fix it. But something tells me as much as you want to change what she bought you, down deep you don't want it, or are not sure about it. A matching rod and reel should do you just fine, and that rod and reel are very, very good products.

    No problem going to an 8wt. if you think the 9wt is too much, I get that, so do that if you want, no harm, no foul. But make sure you give the wife a big kiss for the thought.

    My wife buying a top of the line rod & reel for me, that's my fantasy.
    The only thing human kind ever learned through history, is that through history, human kind has learned nothing.

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