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  1. Default Florida Peacock Bass

    Hey Pat

    How is the Peacock Bass fishing in Florida?


  2. Default Peacock Bass

    I live in Tampa/St. Pete area, there aren't any on the west coast that I know about, except possibly Alligator Alley canal system, appropriately named. Miami area has a lot of them and from what I hear offer good fly rod fare. I have caught some in South America some years ago. They are mean! Do a search of fly shops in Dade and Broward County.

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    I fished them while in Panama back in the 70's. Brace yourself if you can get into a school of them! When they are biting I promise you will tire long before they do. I fished a 5wt and thought I'd bring it home in pieces a time or two. You can get any size. My largest was over six or seven pounds and it about tore me up. Most were in the two to three pound size. Good eating fish. We used them to make ceviche, using local limes and lemons picked right off of the tree. The locals baked or fried them, depending on what side of the canal you were on. I did not know they were here in the states.

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    Florida east coast around Ft. Lauderdale, Miami. Hot this time of year. Average is around 3-5#. Most of the canals around here are loaded with peacock, oscars, ciclids, tilapia and bass. Extremely fun on a 5/6.
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