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    Default Re: What type of line and flies do you use for striped bass?

    I gave Steve Culton some of his first saltwater flies and I don't remember even getting a 'thanks'

    I've fly fished the salt since the late '70s.
    At first with a fiberglass 6wt. cuz that's what I had, but most often with an 8wt rod and a 9wt floating line. Even in the surf.
    With a floating line you can mend, which is the single most important advantage that a fly fisher has over so called 'conventional" fishing
    Most folks use an intermediate and that's actually preferable if all you're going to do is cast and strip, but if you want to use your fly rod as intended (mending and dead drifting) stick with the floating line.

    As for flies, if all you have is a 1/0 yellow over white deceiver, that's going to be all you need 90% of the time
    There's are times when you need to "match the hatch" but that's actually pretty rare.
    One year just for an experiment, that's all I used until fall when I switched to a white Tabory snake fly and I did just fine.
    I actually like to be prepared to cover the 'levels'. Surface, med-level and bottom. So throw in a couple of Clousers and top water flies as well.

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  3. Default Re: What type of line and flies do you use for striped bass?

    ive had 6-10 weights for stripers and 90% of the time im using a 9wt with intermediate line, I have caught more stripers on a chartreuse/white clouser with a small amount of flashabou than any other fly. half and halfs are great and as said above sometime there on micro bait on the surface and you have to throw some tiny stuff on floating line to get them to go..

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    Default Re: What type of line and flies do you use for striped bass?

    Technically I prefer a 9wt for big stripers, Blues and albies all day long... I have up to 12wt for the ocean but 9 is where I like to be while wading and throwing big flys in the wind and a couple faster rods (TCX's) I over line with 10wt mainly for throwing huge 4/0 Curbside Charlie's and big poppers.

    my favorite line is airflow ridged intermediate which sets a hook hard when it has a lot of line out because I think there's braid inside but it sinks those big hooks in their jaws with no problem,,, for fast sinking lines in fast water like the cape cod canal I like a fast sinking streamer express (black/orange 375gr?) its a heavy line but I have flys that are 4/0 & 8" long and I need them deep so this is the line I prefer a full sinking or full intermediate lines over lines that are just front weighted for fishing the ocean where 30' deep can be where the fish are and I think the fly swims better,,,,but I'm no expert trust me its just what works for me.

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