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  1. Question beginner question about saltwater equipment.

    Hi, I am new to fly fishing. I have no one to teach me and there are no fly fishing classes in this area. Thus, most of my fly fishing information is from internet. I have been researching all the things about fly fishing from set up selections to tactics. fishing in small lakes for trouts and bass for a few months with my Redington 6 wt rod and Rio trout selective II line. I am going to move to west coast from Arizona in few months. It seems that there are lots of opportunity for saltwater and fresh water fishing. I am wondering if freshwater equipment work for saltwater as well? Or i need to buy a totally different set up for saltwater? there are fly rods and lines specific to saltwater fly fishing. it means that salt water set up doesnt work for fresh water.

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    Default Re: beginner question about saltwater equipment.

    Hi kobato,

    Moving to the West Coast covers a lot of territory. Can you be a little more specific?

    You have a nice set up for trout and bass. It won't be the most ideal setup for saltwater. You could buy a different 6wt fly line for saltwater fishing but you will eventually want to get a faster, heaver rod. Saltwater fishing generally requires more distance casting and a lot more wind. A lot of inshore saltwater fishing can be accomplished with an 8wt rod and that may be a good choice for your next rod. It would also serve you for small Stripers and Steelhead. According to your target fish you might want a 9wt or even a 10wt at some point. Since you have the 6wt an 8wt and then a 10wt would be a very good choice of rod weights. At some point you might even want to try a Spey setup. You will definitely need a new and more expensive saltwater reel.

    I suggest you get to your new location before you buy anything and get to know your local fly shop. If you are on the coast the fly shops will be heavy into saltwater fishing or Steelhead. Once you know what fish are available you can select the appropriate outfit.

    In regards to your questions about trout/bass equipment or saltwater equipment work for both types of fishing. If you have the right rods and reels many of them will work for both. Lines are pretty specific to the targeted fish. You Selective Trout II fly line is a great fly line for Trout but would not be a great line for Saltwater. Many fly lines are made for tropical use (Saltwater) and work very well in hot climates. The same line may not work at all in the cold waters for Trout or Steelhead. The same can be said for your Selective Trout II line. It works great in cold waters but it is designed for delicate presentation and would be a poor choice for saltwater fishing.

    Take a look at the diagrams of the two lines below. The Selective Trout II has a longer head with the over all line length is 90'. The line is designed to to allow mending and control on the water with soft presentations.

    The Outbound has a short compact head with a lot of weight forward. The over all line length is 120'. It is designed to cast very large flies, a long distance, with a lot of weight in the head. They are not designed for mending line like a Trout line is. This is a line that would be good for surf fishing. I picked these two lines because they are very much different in design and use.


    Tropical Outbound Short

    Please let us know where you will be located.


  3. Default Re: beginner question about saltwater equipment.

    Thank you for the reply. it helps me a lot.
    It seems that saltwater fishing is an other big financial investment for me since I am still a college student...too bad.. probably I will stick with fresh water fishing for a while.
    regarding on the trout/bass equipment or saltwater equipment work for both types of fishing, what are the right rods and reels would work for both situation? Any specific brand rod and lines u could name? (or it totally depends on what kind of targeted fish?)
    Thanks for the information about Tropical Outbound® Short. It seems that it is a new product. In general, i think fly fishing has too many specific products which confuse beginners.( or at least confuse me a lot.) I hope that i could get through it and pick up all the information soon.
    I am going to move to Oakland, CA. dont know much about that area though. :P
    btw, what is Spey setup u mention before?

    again, i really appreciate your help!!!

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    Default Re: beginner question about saltwater equipment.

    Don't be put off by the price
    My first saltwater outfit cost me less than $150 and a lot of what I use now is not worth a whole lot more.
    I started with a bottom of the line St Croix 9wt rod, a Medalist reel, and a Cortland 333 intermediate line.
    I would not recommend the Medalist as they were never meant for saltwater use and require daily maintenance, but I still use the 333 lines.
    As for a rod there's lots of deals to be had if you look out for close-outs.
    Rods and reels do not become obsolete, only the marketing used to sell them
    Last year I bought myself a 10' 8wt that I like very much for the close-out price of $25.
    Albright recently had a huge close-out sale, I don't know if it's still going on.
    Getting a deal on a decent reel is a little harder to do.
    A quick look a Sierra Trading Post showed reels from Ross and Redington and I got an email from yesterday.
    They had some bargain priced close-out reels too
    Look around, you'll find some decent gear you can afford
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements.” --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: beginner question about saltwater equipment.

    Hi kobato,

    Living in Oakland is going to require some driving to get into some good Trout fishing. Most will be North or East. There are coastal rivers you can search out. North of you is some good Steelhead fishing but it is not real close. There is some really good bass fishing in Franks Tract. There is also good Striper fishing at certain times of the year. You almost have to have a boat for Stripers. My suggestion about finding a good fly shop may be your best way to locate some fishing.

    Don't let my comments discourage you but you might want to stick with Trout for a while. You can learn an awful lot by sticking with one type of fish. The techniques you learn with Trout will give you a good background for Steelhead.

    Here is a post from the FAQ section on rod uses.


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