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    Default Re: Equipment Advice Requested!

    Quote Originally Posted by flytie09 View Post

    A side note.....this is an amazing interview of Ted by April Vokey for her 'Anchored' Podcast. He is an amazing and talented man. If his story doesn't bring a tear to your eye and a smile to your're not human.

    Ted Juracsik - Tibor Reels – Anchored with April Vokey Podcast – Podcast – Podtail

    I appologize for getting off topic.
    Don't you dare apologize! The "Tibor Juracsik" story should have 1000 likes and be a sticky on every forum topic on this site. Fortunately, I ran across it by accident. I don' t even know how to do "likes" preferring to direct them personally to the posters with replies. But I will find out how right now. Were it not for a Hungarian refugee who escaped Hungary during the revolution of '56-'57, I would not be in business today.

    Both their stories are all the more poignant to those who know, as my father did (and who told me of it decades ago), of how the "Voice of America" urged the Hungarians to revolt and promised them help and aid, but dropped them candy bars instead of the guns, equipment and help they were promised.

    My friend never once mentioned that little historical fact, and neither did Mr. Juracsik.

    Thank you Flytie for a great link. Cheers, Jim

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    Default Re: Equipment Advice Requested!


    Your right on, That reel was very heavy, had a real small cork drag, real small arbor and it was anti-reverse. Anti reverse reels own less then 1% of the market place and actually less then 1/2 of that. I believe they made one real called the "wedding cake" which was a decent reel. My 2 cents-CB

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