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Thread: Slow sinking 8 wt..

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    Hi all,
    I just joined and sure like what I see..
    Let me throw out my first thread..

    On my Mexico fishing, for float tubing I am using RIO 300 Deep Sea - Sage 8 wt - Danilsson LWsix9...
    This combo is perfect on deep water.. Although when I go to fish from shore on a slow tide the 300 snags constantly... I am thinking of the RIO bonefish, appears to be a slower sink that can get down 2-6 feet for my tide flow drifts...
    What suggestions are out there????? Thank you....

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    I use a uniform sink Type IV and have no issues

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    What weight difference between my Deep Sea 300 and your IV uniform sink?? Did you fish at la Pinta Friday (?) P:M??
    The tide had slowed so my line was dropping too fast and snagging on every cast.. What I need is either a floating line and weight the fly to get it down during the slackest part of the tide change or a slower/lighter sink line.. Perhaps what you have would be correct at La Pinta, but is that the same as you used while tubing in town??

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    Not sure exactly. Yours probably sinks faster. However, mine sinks flat not belly first. Makes a huge difference

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    I think that bonefish line is a very slow sink intermediate. It would likely take a while to get to 3 feet or so. That being said, If I was going to pick two lines for where you are fishing, it would probably be a 300 gr integrated head and an intermediate.

    I've got the SA Bonefish line in a clear intermediate and love it. The thing REALLY shoots through the guides.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    I have two suggestions for saltwater. Rio's Florida Bonefish taper is great where you only want to get down up to 3 feet, their other line, a sink tip with floating body will allow you to fish deeper. Both lines have a clear sinking tip, so use a short leader. The floating section allows an easy pickup for better casting. Cortland and SA make similar products.

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    Fishin M

    I joined this just to respond to your question regarding slow sinking lines. If you use a 300 grain line your all set for your fast sinking needs. Someone said get a uniform sink type IV because it sinks evenly not belly first. That is true but it still has a fast sink rate. I live in Massachusetts and fish 4 to 5 times a week in the salt. Mostly for Stripers , Bluefish and Albies when they come in. I use three lines A 350 grain , Floating and an Intermediate which is used 90% of the time. I as well as most of the people who fish around here will tell you they use the Intermediate like I do when wading. The best line to get as far as I am concerned it the air-flo. It comes in clear and blue. They have a new series called the ridge line, check it out, you won't be disappointed. Also one other thing nobody has mentioned. When using an Intermediate line you also have they option of using weighted flies such as clouser minnows, this really will give you so many more option when fishing when the tide is at different stages.

    Good luck on what ever you decide.

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