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    Default Favorite fly rod for tarpon?

    Hey guys, For the guys who actually fly fish for Tarpon what is your favorite rod and what weight?

    Thanks in advance


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    Default Re: Favorite fly rod for tarpon?

    Edited for clarification:

    I don't have a ton of time with different makes of tarpon rods. I currently own Sage Salt HD in 10 and 12 weights. Like them both, just wish I got to fish them more frequently.

    If you made me select another large tarpon rod out of the Salt HD family, I would consider a Sage X in 11 weight based on reviews by John Duncan of Telluride Angler.
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    Default Re: Favorite fly rod for tarpon?


    Actually I am very well versed in salt water fishing - I even got a grand slam on my first try 20 years ago.

    I posted the question of what rods you guys use and like, to try and get some rod talk going. I also have the Sage HD in 12 wt, however I prefer the Loomis NRX 12 wts over the Sage Hd seems the Sage is really tip heavy....I mostly fish in Mexico now where I can catch one big fish after another-CB
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    Default Re: Favorite fly rod for tarpon?

    The 1190 Sage X is the best tarpon rod I’ve ever used. Light and easy to cast and a superb fish-fighting tool.

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    Default Re: Favorite fly rod for tarpon?

    My only experience has been with a 12 wt solar, which has worked well, but I'm going to take my 10 wt proaxis 1 pc with me in June. I hope it's still a one pc when I return...

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    Default Re: Favorite fly rod for tarpon?

    I'll second the vote for the Sage X 11 wt. As mentioned above, it feels surprisingly light in hand, generates excellent line speed without a great deal of effort, and has sufficient lifting power. Definitely more user friendly than some of the other 11 wt rods that I've used.

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