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Thread: Nassau Bahammas Bonefish Question

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    I am Honeymooning in Nassau the end of June and first of July, staying at a Sandals Resort. I have permission to take a day trip (not being gone over night) and she may or may not ride a long. Does anybody know any day trip guides that fish this area?

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    Congrats man,
    I dont know of any guides in that area, but I wanted to say this.
    Dont push her to hard but try and talk her into going. My wife and I went striper fishing on Bearver lake by Eurika Springs, Ar, its an old art and shop town pretty neat palce, but anyway we both enjoyed the day being together and every since then she is my favorit fishing buddy, her and ofcourse my son
    Best of wishes to you both

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    ^^^^^ great advice from Bear.

    Congrats and best wishes to you both.

    Sent a PM to you.

    Good luck!


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    Well thank you, I try to sound smart once in awhile lol .
    I forgot to mention that striper trip was the first day of our honeymoon.

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    Sounds like you are off to a great start with a wife who will let you go fishing on the honeymoon. Secret Soul Fly Fishing Adventures is a guide opperation in Nassau. We fish the south side of the Island only a few mins. from Sandals. Check out Secret Soul Fly Fishing Adventures

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    You can take the very short hop to Andros Town, Andros Island and hook up with any number of guides there. I use Andy Smith at Shad Key Lodge. A fantastic guide! A nice place, nice private island, and GREAT fishing. One of the most beautiful sunsets you'll ever see. Great food too! Your wife should love it if she's into nature, sunsets, sunrise, clear blue natural waters. There's also the Bang Bang club operated by Charlie Smith (Andy's father), another great guy and one of the legends, if not the father of Bahamas bonefishing and credited with the "Crazy Charlie" bonefish fly. It's all beautiful!

    Good luck!

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    Go with Clint. Don't be fooled, there're plenty bonefish around New Providence.

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