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    I received many kind and thoughtful replies to my thread regarding St. Croix salt water rods. I ended up with a very nice nine foot eight weight Ultra to use in salt marshes for speckled trout and around inshore structures for rockfish. I am now looking for some guidance about a saltwater reel.

    I usually am skeptical about Bass Pro Shops' proprietary brands, but last weekend I went reel shopping and was really knocked out by the construction and particularly the drag on their Gold Cup III and IV reels. Does anyone have any experience with these? If I am trying to stay around $200, what would be your suggestions? Thanks a million.

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    Tailwaters, I have a couple of these reels. I find them a great reel and have served me well. Built like a brick, great drag system, salt and mud doesn't bother them. I use them mainly for stripers and Atlantic Salmon but have used it for red fish and bonefish as well, just not as frequent. I recommend the reel from my experiance.

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    That was certainly my impression. Glad to see it backed up with some hands on experience.

    This place had a pretty good selection of saltwater reels and we had to get into the $500 price range to find one that I thought felt as good. Many thanks.

    Other/additional thoughts from other folks?

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