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Thread: Worm Hatch #5

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    5/11/19 Worm Hatch #5: Today I didnít feel like going, walking out onto the marsh in the full hot sun. So I took a nap, and then had an early steak dinner with double-dark chocolate gelato for dessertóthat should get me in the mood I thought? I arrived late which is unusual for me, and then took a slow amble instead of the usual forced march. Upon arrival at 4:15 there were 3 or 4 stripers already swirling. An hour and a half later as I was about to leave, there were about 30 fish busting away at the spawning worms. After I caught and released 27 fish, I made myself stopóthe largest was 26-inches. The bigger fish should arrive just in time for the late-May tide cycle. Later, when I closed my eyes to go to sleep, all I saw was the vivid and animated vision of rise-form swirls dancing in my head.

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    Thanks for shareing. Worm hatchs are impressive. So what would your favoite worm pattern be? (I'm still using a simple wisp of glow yarn learned from Ken Abrahms some years back.) I see allot more elaborite patterns these days.

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    These 2 are the main flies that I use. Recently I tried the Page Rogers worm fly and that worked really well. I will be trying a 2 fly rig next time that the fish are not hitting at all. The first one side and bottom view is my Woody's Whisker Worm, and next Woody's DNA worm fly, both recipes are in the book, the cover is shown in my avatar.

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    where's the fish porn?

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