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  1. Default Fishing New Waters

    Since I discovered the Indian Ocean islands I have become somewhat fixated on fishing them at every given opportunity and Iíve loved every minute of it.

    This summer Iím expanding my piscatorial horizons (itís off season in the Seychelles anyway). I have a weeks Salmon fishing in Norway in July, never been before and never even cast a double handed rod, that should be interesting! More relevant to this forum though is my travels next month which takes me to Albany Island on the northern tip of eastern Australia. Targets will be sight fishing for Golden Trevally, Indo Pacific Permit and the very topical Blue ******* (admin note, Iím not swearing itís even itís latin name). For those of you that went to the F3T, Jako Lucas produced a film called ĎGlorious *******sí which starred these fly fishing new comers although Aussies have been targeting them for years.

    Itís a great fly species. It looks a cross between a Cubera Snapper and an Emperor, stalks the flats looking for crabs and shrimp and is as selective as a Permit and a hell of a dirty fight when hooked. Not for the faint hearted.

    Iím really looking forward to this old dog learning new tricks. If I get it right and I nail one Iíll be a very happy puppy.



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    Default Re: Fishing New Waters

    Trevor, Good luck on your upcoming trips. We will all look forward to your posts. Post some pics

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    Did Jako talk about Exmouth?... WHATEVER you do, don't Google that place!....(!)

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    I've fished Exmouth DIY although if I did it again I'd probably go with a guide like Jono Shales. It's just such a diverse fishery that if you don't focus you can waste a lot of opportunities. You can be on the flats casting at Permit or Goldens and 30 minutes later hooked up to a sailfish or small black.

    Will be back.



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    Default Re: Fishing New Waters


    That sounds like an awesome trip, I can't wait to read your trip report!

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