So I won the Navy Reserve lottery and got a year in Tampa instead of Afghanistan. I am big into fly fishing and plan on getting out regularly.

I need advice on gear at the moment.

I have two SA 8/9wt saltwater setups that are pretty lousy but they worked the last time I tried them 6 years ago. I'll keep them for backups and friends but that's about it.

I plan on getting 7, 9 and 12 weight rods but can't figure our which reels to get or what kind of rods.

I like the Battenkill Large Arbor and can get one with an extra spool, good deal. I also really like the Tibor Billy Pate.

I can get a Sage Fli 7 or 9wt for about $220 and I liked them both.

My thought is this. Get the 9wt Sage and the Battenkill in the 9-11 wt. and fish that for everything but the big tarpon to start with. Get a 7 wt and the Tibor and use that for Bass, snook, speckled trout etc. I think I will use the Tibor for a lot more when I get back to CO, pike, bass, Salmon. So that is why i want it in the smaller size.

I'll get a used 12wt setup that will work just for the big stuff.

I want to fish for just about everything in South Florida.

Am I off the mark here?