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Thread: Aransas Reds

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    Default Aransas Reds

    A Buddy and I set out on a brisk winter morning to tame the wily Texas Red Drum. This beast is known for being both wily as a panther, or dumb as a drunk baboon, depending on the day. We took the advice of a local bushman and arrived early on a spot full of large specks. These southern Squeteagues acted just about like supermodels: they made mens mouths hang open, but wouldn't eat the expertly prepared delicacies placed right in front of their face.

    We gave up on them shortly and made a run across some glass calm water in hopes of finding hungry fish.

    Spooking a few as we went

    The masterful eyes of the Monkeybrain combined with the casting luck of BigCliff enabled a quick hook up with a healthy specimen

    A sharp hook attached us to a worthy adversary, and an array of tactics were brought to bear while subduing the quarry

    And the beast was subdued and preserved for posterity

    Some locals arrived in a obnoxiously loud craft and then piled out as though they were clowns exiting a Volkswagen. They would wade no more than 50 yards at a time, and then wanted another ride in the fish spooking buggy.

    A few more were boated that day

    And the Captain of my craft showed me how close he likes to ride to a truly massive ship. A porpoise made the additional splash off the bow.

    A few more were boated the next day

    A picturesque sunset served as a fitting coda for a fine jaunt o'er the flats

    In closing,

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Wow Cliff looks like a great time Warm sunny lotsa a fish and to think i am getting ready to shovel snow from the driveway. Wish i could join you!!

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    Great trip, thanks for sharing

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    How did I miss this thread???

    Wow those are some great pics Cliff. They look like a lot of fun.

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    Default Re: Aransas Reds

    Hi Cliff,

    Thanks for sharing your photos. Some nice fish there. Tell us about your gear. I can see what looks like an older Ross Reel but not sure about the rod.


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    Default Re: Aransas Reds


    Great report, looks like you had a blast. And that water looks awesome, wow what a day.

    What's up with that busload of guys on the air boat? Never knew they could pack that many in-- clown car is right-- with a zillion miles of flats to choose from of course they had to pull up right next to you. Does that happen a lot?

    Hope you schooled them.


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    Default Re: Aransas Reds

    Thanks y'all. That's a Ross Colorado 2 I got around 2000. just a click drag, but enough to prevent backlashes and nothing to mess up. The rod is a Beulah Guide series 9' 6wt.

    Caught most all of them on a ginger and white clouser, rtbr pearl kf in middle, Copper on top. Large beadchain eyes, size 6. Caught a few others on a coppery thing with KF and spanflex for a tail and a copper estaz body/head.

    The winner when most of the other fish were moody but a few were aggressively eating was a clouser variation: olive and white, both sides wrapped all the way to the bend, olive estaz head wrapped around chromed brass eyes. Oh yeah, and with red KF gills sticking out the bottom. Size 2 and tied fairly long.

    I stuck a couple in front of the clown car-load. I never saw their rods bent.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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