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    Would an Allen Alpha 9/10 reel work well for a saltwater 10 wt setup? It's such a damn good price but seems too cheap, lol. Although I've never used one and don't know anyone with one.
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    Default Re: Can a 10 wt rod handle all of this?

    Hello, If your needing more capacity. I do have a larger reel. Its my Alpha 12/14

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    Default Re: Can a 10 wt rod handle all of this?

    Quote Originally Posted by kfisher99 View Post
    We have some good mako/thresher shark action down here in socal which average around 80-100 lbs sometimes getting up to 200. How would a 10 wt perform on a fish that large? I've fought them on light conventional gear but never seen anyone fly fish them, although I do know some people down south who fly fish them and they have used 10 wts before, my only fear is hooking a 350+ lb blue shark like I have before, which was 400 lbs and we had tuna/billfish conventional gear, and it was still rough. Shark fishing on the fly would be really sweet. And also what line(s) should I definetly have to be versatile in the salt?
    I think if you're targeting fish that will almost certainly be over 50 lbs with anything less than a 12wt, you're setting up either failure or REALLY wearing out a fish.

    And even if you were going to target 100# makos with a 10wt, you'd want the backing capacity a 12wt reel offers.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kfisher99 View Post
    I don't travel that much so I do not want that many saltwater rods. But I very occasionally go to places like ontario canada florida keys and various locations in alaska. So I am looking for a rod that can handle large king salmon, pike, musky, tarpon, permit, small dorado/yellowfin. I think a 9 ft 10 wt with a nice saltwater reel and tropical fly line could potentionally handle these but I am not sure. I have only caught these species on conventional tackle, except for the salmon. Right now I have a ton of freshwater rods all the way up to an 8 wt, which has been my only saltwater outfit. I live right next to the coast in southern california with a nice 30 ft boat so I figure I better be more prepared for some saltwater fly opportunities that may arise as well.
    A 10 wt. is plenty for everything on your list but maybe the yellowfin and some of the bigger Dorado. A good reel you can pack a pile of backing on is really important. You can whip smaller Yellowfin and Dorado with a 10 wt. and if you have a good capt. running the boat and a the reel to back you up, you can get a pretty big one too. I caught Yellowfin when I was stationed in Pearl Harbor that just weren't fly rod material. They pull like a freight train. A real big Yellowfin is not going to be a cake walk on a 12 either. Given all the things you want to do, get the 10, forget the 12. A 12 would be a waste for what you want and you will just end up getting the 10 anyway.

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    I dont know much, but i'll i can say is make damn sure it has lifetime warranty, and plan some excuses ahead of time.

    Tight lines!

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