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  1. Default Breaking In My New Outfit

    I ordered a 5 wt Redington CPX and Redington Rise reel to replace my mid flex Orvis rod. I use this primarily for bluegill and bass in the St Johns River, but since I'm primarily a salt guy, I couldn't resist taking it out for redfish.

    I picked off a couple of 4 -5 lb reds from a school in a foot of water.

    Here's a release of a beautifully colored redfish:

    And then the surprise of the day was catching this 5 lb seatrout, one of the largest I have caught. I thought it was a nice red until she started splashing on the surface. I backed off the drag and played this one carefully.

    I was really happy with the CPX. It has plenty of backbone to throw a clouser and handle a 5lb fish. I would have to say that this is winter time fun, because it did take quite a while to bring these fish to the boat. I doubt they would survive in the warm Florida water during summer. Great fun for now though.

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    Default Re: Breaking In My New Outfit

    Now THAT is the way to break in a new outfit. Congrats, VERY nice fish, looks like you had a ball.


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    Default Re: Breaking In My New Outfit

    I wanna come play in your sand box.

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    Default Re: Breaking In My New Outfit

    Nice fish and a great way to get out and break in the new rod!


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    how did you like the Rise? I just bought one yesterday and can't use it till sunday.

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    I seems to be well made and the drag was very smooth. I think you'll like it.

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