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  1. Default fishing in the surf

    what all can i catch? id be in the galveston area in general, but ive never seen anybody fly fishing in the surf before. i really only see ppl fishing off the beach every now and then, never seen anything get reeled in though. i know its debatable whether or not to use floating or sinking line but i got some mono bonefish leader i could use. i got an 8 wt setup with bass line on it right now.

    i got some deep clousers in chart/white and tan/white, some spoons, a grn/white deciever, some seaducer type flies and crabs i could throw. thats about it for my saltwater flies though. anything come to mind i should add to my arsenal for targeting reds and specks wherever they might be?

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    I fish the surf at home (the outer beaches of Cape Cod, MA) with a 9' 9 wt. rod and a fast sinking line when it's real heavy out. If it's light surf and light wind, I'll use a slow sinker that way I can still throw poppers or crease flies if need be. I've seen guys using 14 ft. Spey rods casting like a normal fly rod, loaded with 10 wt. line and boy can they really punch a big fly way out there, over the surf, through the wind, whatever. If I was going to seriously get into fly fishing the surf, I'd give that a try for sure.

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    Default Re: fishing in the surf

    That sounds like a pretty good selection on flies. You could add some Crease flies or poppers, they're fun to fish and specks lady fish and reds (occasionally) will whack them.

    I'd use your floater and have at it. When you get down there stop in a tackle shop and see if you can pick up some Ande (for mexico) and ask about flats and tides to fish that might give you a shot. I'd also look around for coves to fish, it'll give you some shelter from winds if they're howling.


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    thanks guys. peregrines- so i guess some of the pencil poppers, crease flies and poppers that i buy for mexico will work on trout also?

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    Default Re: fishing in the surf

    Yup. 2/0. they'll take all kinds of stuff if they're around- blues, sea trout (specs), jacks, spanish mackeral, ladyfish, etc, especially when they're on the surface chasing bait.

    They're a lot of fun to fish, and sometimes can pull fish from far off.

    That link I passed on to you with the ebook should have some info on flats and other places to try down there around Galveston.

    Good luck.


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    what ebook?

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    Default Re: fishing in the surf

    I posted a link on this thread:

    to a free ebook on Gorp's website. If you click on the table of contents link at the bottom of the page in that gorp link, it should pop up a ton of info on fishing the texas coast with recommendations on gear, flies, and places to fish all up and down the coast.


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    Default Re: fishing in the surf

    Here to make it easier for you,

    GORP - Fly Fishing the Texas Coast - Table of Contents

    look under chapter four for Galveston Bay

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    oh i see. wow man thanks a lot for the help

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