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  1. Default The Reason Iíve Been Quiet

    Well, although Iíve not been on the forum much the last few months, I have been busy fishing.

    November 2019 I was on Cosmoledo and although we caught a few fish it was comparatively quiet.

    The most exciting thing going on at the moment though is our new operation in Southern Oman, based out of Salalah. For those not in the Ďknowí, Oman is one of the fly fishing worldís best kept secrets. The landscape is spectacular, the people hospitable and the fishing next level.

    Weíve been exploring new places and every time we turn a new corner thereís a surprise. The targets are really the three species of Trachinotus available, specifically Africanus, Blochii and Botla. In the common vernacular Southern or African Pompano, Indo Pacific or Yellow Permit and Wave Garrick or Dart. The undoubted star of the show though is Africanus because this area is one of only a few where theyíre catchable on fly. As distinct from their crab eating, flats or beach hugging cousins these guys tail on mussel beds in some of the gnarliest wave pounded real estate Iíve ever come across. Just keeping a fly deep and in the bite zone is a challenge, but we are working them out. When theyíre not feeding on the beds they shoal up off the beach in large numbers. Still not easy though, they are after all Permit and as frustrating as the rest of the species. If and when hooked though, they go off with a big bang and fight down and dirty just like all their cousins.

    Giant Trevally also patrol these shores and although weíve seen some big fish have yet to hook into one, again the environment will prove challenging when we do.

    Iíve not even mention the bluewater possibilities but thereís all the usual suspects, Mahi, Tuna, Sailfish, Marlin and Wahoo.


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    Default Re: The Reason Iíve Been Quiet

    Those African Pompano are a neat fish. They range into the Gulf of Mexico, but I donít hear anything about anyone fishing specifically for them. I caught one about 9 kilos years ago, not on a fly, and we were going after Amberjack.

    Whenís the time to go? I imagine the weather is nice this time of year, but blazing hot come summer.

    Whatís the lodging like?
    Presentations made
    Sighted fish, structure and sign
    Eats, but never blind

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    Hi Karstopo,

    It's a different species. What you call African Pompano we call a Pennant fish. These are from the same family as the Permit you catch on the Atlantic side.

    Season is October through to April. Surprisingly, this is one area of the Arabian Peninsular that cools down and has heavy rain during summer. The Monsoon (locally called the Kareef) blows consistently above 30 knots between May and late September.

    Accommodation is great. 5 star hotel with the boat in the marina just outside your room. Good choice of restaurants and you can have a glass of wine or a beer before, during or after dinner.



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    Default Re: The Reason Iíve Been Quiet


    What an amazing adventure... Spending weeks on the flats, in surf and wading in such pristine waters must be amazing.. I was curious what week of November you were at Cosmoledo?... How many weeks were you gone on this fantastic search?? Forgive my for not knowing but what operation are you with?? I cannot wait to get back to the Seychelles to chase more GT's... And Oman is on my list of need to do items.

    Right on Man...


  6. Default The Reason Iíve Been Quiet


    Sorry it took a while to reply, I was fishing in of all places...Southern Oman.

    I was on Cosmo the first week of the season from 7-14 November. For Cosmo it was tough and the weather didnít help with strong winds 4 out of 6 days. On saying that the 10 of us still accounted for 57 GTs for the week. Southern Oman is one of the worldís best kept secrets and Iíve headed off down there periodically over the last 10 years but have been fishing there pretty much every spare day I have for the last 2 months. Iím a partner in an operator called Ocean Active Fly and weíve just put one boat based in Salalah and another one will go in over the summer.

    Off to Alphonse on Friday, ho hum....



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  8. Default Re: The Reason Iíve Been Quiet

    Hi Trevor,

    A W E S O M E!!!!!!!!! I am so jealous... I need to get back to the Seychelles.. GT fishing is in my blood and I am going thru withdrawals...There is no cure.... Have a great season... Oman is on the bucket list...


  9. Default Re: The Reason Iíve Been Quiet

    Hi Trevor,

    A W E S O M E!!!!!!!!! I am so jealous... I need to get back to the Seychelles.. Have you tried Providence?? Just curious you favorite GT Spot for wading and sight fishing bigguns on the fly... GT fishing is in my blood and I am going thru withdrawals...There is no cure.... Have a great season... Oman is also on the bucket list... Have a great season.


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