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Thread: Saltwater Gear

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    I am planning on getting an 8wt to throw large poppers and such to LM here in Texas. I also want to be able to horse the LM out of heavy cover. Anyway, I have been thinking about going ahead and getting a reel that can pull double duty that can hold up in saltwater, but I know nothing about saltwater gear. I have a Lamson Konic and Guru and love both of those reels, especially the Guru. Can those reels hold up in the salt? What do I need to look for as far as saltwater reels are concerned? Is the hardware the only difference between freshwater and saltwater rods?

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    The Konic and Guru should be fine in SW, they have a Type II anodized finish, and are sold with both FW and SW use in mind in the larger sizes. Generally for an 8 weight setup you'd want a reel with a smooth disc drag that can hold an 8 weight, weight forward fly line and at least 150 yds of 20lb dacron backing.

    Because of the popularity of SW fly fishing, you can expect most fly rods sold in 8 weight and up to be fine in SW too. Generally SW fly rods will have a composite reel seat (as opposed to wood which might swell or discolor in SW), corrosion proof guides and dual locking reel seat the two rings will help ensure the reel stays on securely). You might also want to look for a rod with a "fighting butt"- basically on an 8 weight that would be a large rounded cork "knob" on the end of the rod-- it makes it easier on the gut fighting fish, and oversized guides to pass backing and leader knots a little easier. Many people prefer faster action rods for SW to help with wind and distance.

    Anything suitable for SW would be fine in FW, it's going the other way that could be a problem, mostly due to potential problems with corrosion. If you're getting an 8 weight set up, getting something that you can use in SW is a very good idea. It's a great weight for inshore SW, and would be a great choice for reds, specs, bonefish, etc.

    Because SW can be tough on gear, even if it's designed to be used in SW, you should get in the habit of spritzing everything down with FW, reel and rod (reel seat and guides), at the end of each day after using it in SW.


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    Default Re: Saltwater Gear

    I don't think the Konic has a type II anodization, but I do think it will hold up in the salt with standard care.

    Either of those Lamson reels would do just fine, and pairing it with a decent 8wt rod would do well for bass or at the coast. I'll suggest TFO's TICR, Echo's Classic or ION, or most anything Scott or Sage makes. Rio's saltwater line would do well in both situations. It will be a bit stiff in cold conditions, but it sounds like this rod will generally be used when its warm out.

    The standard care I was referring to is just giving all your gear that has touched saltwater a thorough rinse in fresh water afterwards.

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