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Thread: Sarasota

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    My grandfather asked my dad and I to go fly fishing in the flats in Sarasota and was wondering what fish are there and how to go about targeting them.

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    Morphius, My buddy lives in Sarasota in the winter months and when I have gone down to visit we fished a couple of different places in Sarasota Bay. We got into Ladyfish which were really fun. Also got into some Reds, totally awesome, hate to say it but they put my beloved Steelies to shame in the fight. He said the sea trout could be good if you were there the right time.

    For the fishing I used shrimp patterns and crab patterns...


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    Hi morphius,

    You don't say when you will be there. The North Sarasota Bay has grass flats and mangroves on the shore lines. The most targeted fish are Redfish, Trout and Snook. At certain times there is Lady Fish and Crevalle. Lower in the bay at times are Blue Fish. I think you should count on Redfish, Trout and Snook. Everything else is hit or miss.

    I would think your Grandfather would be your best source of information if he lives in the area.


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