Well sort of... being a college student and spring break looming I'm in the beginning stages of planning where I would like to go, and this year I want to try and get more fishing in. Last year i traveled down to South Padre Island and just did a little bit of spin fishing and didn't catch a whole lot. This year I'm looking at galveston, PCB, Destin...etc... I will not pick a location based on fishing but where I can find a cheapest hotel room.. But Im not driving to SPI again. that was just awful, 21 hours straight was the worst idea i've ever had..

Moving onto the point of the post, what are some basic classic saltwater patterns that one should carry in a standard box. I know the basic clousers, decievers and seaducers, but also what colors. I know some blue and white clousers, red/white seaducers; but other than that I dont know a whole lot about SW fly fishing. I'll probably be fishing from the beach or jetties so would poppers be worth carrying? if i could walk to some flats should I carry a few crazy charlies or gotchas and if so what color. Are bendbacks a reliable, relatively snag free fly?

I'm really just lost and need some direction so I can begin to start filling a box. How many flies would you salt guys suggest taking on a week long vaca?

Thank You