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Thread: Saltwater reels

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    I am going to build an 8 wt for redfish. I was wanting to know what you guys would recommend for a reel. I am wanting to stay around the $220 mark. I was looking at a Redington Rise series or an Abel. Any other suggestion are welcome. Thanks

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    8wt Abel for $220? Maybe on eBay sold by a meth addict, or beat up bad.

    I'd go with a Lamson Velocity. Machined from barstock, totally sealed drag, American made and purty.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    I hadn't heard that that particular Lamson is from barstock. It must be, but their site does not specifically say that it is. I think they use the same drag in all their reels. TFO has a new line of reels that are sweet. It may not be a big name, but they feel good.

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    I'm hoping the Ross Rhythm I just bought is as saltwater worthy as Ross
    claims. I bought mine from LL Bean, and they were blowing out spare spools
    for $60.

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    There always has to be an oddball in the group. I use an Orvis Odyssey III & I have a IV also. They are an after market item but can be had off eBay if you're not in a hurry. If you are gonna do it soon then there are lots of reels that will handle salt fishing.

    The odyssey is heavy but the drag is very impressive. They also hold up to 300 yds. of 36lb micron salt backing. I use them for king salmon in the estuaries and rivers. They will stop a very strong fish from running the show.

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    I called LL Bean because I'd like to pick up a Ross Rhythm 3 spool for $60. They told me the spools wouldn't be in till June 19 and would be $89.95. Oh well.

    I'd like to add the Galvan Rush 8 to the list. I'm told it's the same drag as the Torque 8 that I own and like very much, but just a little heavier. A little more money for a really quality reel.
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    It looks like different Beans have different prices. I went to the Center Valley, PA store, and they had about 12 Rhythm spools on the shelf. I
    bought a Ross Evolution #3 on sale at one Bean for $219, and then saw the
    same model at the Center Valley store for $153. Of course I returned the
    first reels and bought a few at $153.

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