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  1. Default Saltwater Newbie -next week -Tybee Island GA

    I am planning on being there next week.

    Have have a nice 8wt rod/reel and it's caught 36" King Salon so it should be able to handle most of what I might see there. I want to fish for Redfish, Trout, Tripletail and Flounder. I'll be stopping into see the folks at the local shop for flies, etc.

    Need to know a couple things:

    1) Waders or just wading shoes?

    2) Saltwater tricks for a freshwater guy -things to do prior-during and after the trip for good equipment maintance. OTHER things to keep in mind?

    3) How to fish in the surf, along streams, etc in those parts?

    4) Any other thoughts?


  2. Default Re: Saltwater Newbie -next week -Tybee Island GA

    Good luck on your trip. I live in Savannah, but I am much more at home fishing for trout in cold water.

    Unfortunately, there is no local fly shop. The only fly shop closed a few years ago. You can obtain the basics at Bass Pro (in the Savannah Mall), and you might get some good advice (depends on who is working that day). There is a bait shop at the last bridge to Tybee; they can tell you: what species are active, what they are eating and where they are holding.

    In terms of wading shoes or waders. I would bring both; the ocean is still cool/cold.

    Protecting your gear (rod, reel and line) comes down to a bath in tepid water and careful drying. You have to get the salt off and the sand out.

    There are many places to fish, but most require a boat or kayak. I almost never see people fly fishing from shore on public land or piers. Having said that, you can fish from the beach, but it might be more productive to fish the tidal rivers behind Tybee island. You could just drive/walk around to locate public access areas. Again, ask at the bait shop. There are several. I would try to sight fish or blind cast around structure (such as docks).

    You could also charter with a fly guide (Savannah Fly - see website) or your could charter with Miss Judy (see website) for spin/fly. Either will cost you about $350 plus tip for half a day.

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    Default Re: Saltwater Newbie -next week -Tybee Island GA

    This looks like the baitshop estrother mentioned:

    Bait and tackle shop offering charter fishing trips. Tybee Island, GA

    They should be a good source of info, and it looks like you can rent kayaks pretty inexpensively with a guide (?) for exploring the creeks for reds.

    I believe you'll also need a georgia fishing license to fish there, even though it's SW. You can buy it online : Georgia DNR, Coastal Resources Division - Recreational Fishing Licenses

    You've gotten great advice on washing down gear after use. Water temps are likely to be cold, so waders would probably be the way to go.

    Fishing in the surf might be tough. I think you'll have much better odds in the back bays, creeks and flats. A stripping basket might be helpful to keep your slack line out of the water when wading (especially if you do surf stuff with moving current or fish with an intermediate line). It also keeps slack line from floating down current and wrapping around weeds. You'll get much more distance on your casts. You can make one out of a rubbermaid dish pan and some shock cord with those "hooks" on the end. Just burn or poke a small hole on the two rims on the short sides and hook the shock bungee cord in the holes. You can adjust the length a bit by tying knots in the shock cord to get the right tension.

    Tie up some clousers and deceivers and you should be all set for flounder specs reds etc. Good luck!


  4. Default Re: Saltwater Newbie -next week -Tybee Island GA

    I highly recommend getting a guide. Also, I'd fish the marsh system in lieu of the surf. It's a whole lot more fun. Be careful, tides are drastic in that region. Flies I would choose, include: flats bunny, clouser, spoon fly, kwans, etc. Colors depend on water clarity.

    Good Luck. Let us know how you did.

    OOPS, I see now that this was an old post. sorry about that



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