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    Default Aransas Report, Including a new species for BigCliff

    Not too many pictures to put up, as I was too busy having fun to mess with a camera most of the time. The wind blew hard (normal and expected), the light sucked (abnormal and frustrating), but great times were had.

    I'd never caught a Gafftop before, and I'm told doing so on fly is quite rare.

    Snot Monsta- Kinda pretty in person, but some fat guy was blocking the sun.

    And a small Speck from the same school

    Rest of the time, tomfoolery took precedent over photography. I might talk about how great it would be to have a job like Tosh's, but I would get fired so quick its stupid.

    Rest of the outing, told by the guy Tosh Brown Fly Fishing Stock Photography, Hunting Photography, Fishing Photos, Hunting Stock Photos, Fishing Photographs, Hunting Photographs running this: Departure Publishing - Publishers of Fly Fishing Books, Wing Shooting and Bird Hunting Books, and Sporting Books

    Drake Magazine Online • View topic - Tejas Coastal BAKES 2009

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Looks like a fun day man. Great pics(what there are) lol

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    Default Re: Aransas Report, Including a new species for BigCliff

    ive caught a couple of those catfish species here in melbourne, FL. they were a fun catch!

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