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    Default Stu Apte Fly Tournament

    Casa Vieja Lodge, Guatemala
    Official Tournament Results

    April 27, 2009

    Day 1

    Team Standings:

    Team Eshelman: 210 points
    Team Apte & DePriest: 110 points
    Team Millstein & Gibson: 110 points
    Team Keene & Dobbins: 0 points

    Angler Standings:

    1- Stu Apte: 110 points
    2- Peter Eshelman: 110 points
    3- Terry Gibson: 110 points
    4- Timothy Eshelman: 100 points

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    Default Re: Stu Apte Fly Tournament

    Stu and first fish of the tournament
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Default Re: Stu Apte Fly Tournament

    April 28, 2009
    Day 2

    Team Standings:
    1- Team Eshelman (Cañaso): 210 points
    *2- Team Apte & De Priest (Finest Kind): 220 points
    * Companion (Dale) angler needs a release to get ahead!!!
    3- Team Millstein & Gibson (Intensity): 110 points
    4- Team Keene & Dobbins (Release): 0 points

    Angler Standings:
    1- Stu Apte: 220 points
    2- Peter Eshelman: 110 points
    3- Terry Gibson: 110 points
    4- Timothy Eshelman: 100 points

    April 29, 2009
    Day 3

    Team Standings:
    1- Team Apte & DePriest (Finest Kind): 330 points
    2- Team Eshelman (Cañaso): 320 points
    3- Team Millstein & Gibson (Intensity): 110 points
    4- Team Keene & Dobbins (Release): 0 *

    Angler Standings:
    1-Stu Apte: 330 points
    2-Pete Eshelman: 110 points
    3: Terry Gibson: 110 points
    4-Tim Eshelman: 100 points

    On this the final day of fishing, found all four boats with blue marlin in their spreads. Convincing them to eat, was a different matter. Numerous times they came up behind the teasers, but just wouldn’t stay around for the fly. The “Release” with Costa Rica captains Brandon Keene & David Dobbins on board raised five blue marlin, hooking one and unfortunately didn’t bill it (*) so the fish was not scored. The boat did gain a marlin release for the day. They raised two sails, but again neither one would take the fly

    It was Stu Apte and Tim Eshelman that had the only sailfish hooked and released this day. This was Stu’s 200th fly caught sailfish. His partner Dale DePriest, Pete Eshelman, the team of Dr. Gerald Millstein and outdoor writer Terry Gibson went scoreless. It wasn’t because they didn’t have the opportunity – the fish just had lockjaw!

    This was the toughest fishing tournament in recent memory, where only seven bill fish were caught in three days of fishing. When it’s bad, it’s really bad. There is no explanation for it - the water temps are in the high 80’s. Not just in Guatemala, but all the way down to Costa Rica’s Guanacaste.

    Simms Fishing Products provided Angler Bags containing Solarflex® Shirts , hats, waterproof pouches and Dry Creek™ Tournament Totes; premium fly lines from Cortland Line Co; sun protection from Ocean Potion; and certificates for Crocs footwear to each of the four boat captains, eight anglers and observers. In addition, the mates received Crocs footwear certificates.

    Trophies & Awards:

    Team trophy – brothers Tim & Pete Eshelman of a King Sailfish Trophy Mount
    2nd place team – Stu Apte & Dale DePriest of a King Sailfish Trophy Mount
    3rd place trophy – Terry Gibson & Gerald Millstein – King Sailfish Trophy Mount which is prominently displayed at Casa Vieja Lodge for all to see.

    Top Team – Pete & Tim Eshelman – one each 24kt Gold Pendants with chains from Stu & Jeannine Apte.
    Individual awards – Stu Apte, Tim & Pete Eshelman one each 30lb Boga Grips
    Stu Apte & Dale DePriest - one each BB&T – Twin turbine 1213 reels by Cortland

    The tough luck awards – a Simms Angler bag filled with various items including Ocean Potion sunscreen, hats, Croc’s certificates went to Capts. Brandon Keene, David Dobbins and Dr. Gerald Millstein.

    A Jim Teeny gift certificate to 2nd mate Efron on the Finest Kind. Additional gifts to Capt. Chico Alvarenga, his mates Jose & Carlos aboard the Cañaso.

    Our thanks to the following sponsors:

    Stu & Jeannine Apte
    Jim at Jim Teeny Inc.
    Doug at King Sailfish Mounts
    Nate Dablock at Cortland Line Co
    Joanna Spina at Ocean Potion Products
    Gary Alldredge at Eastaboga Tackle, Inc.
    Aaron Theabolt at Simms Fishing Products
    Tim Gray, Mark Margolis & George Foti at Crocs, Inc.
    The Turner family, the staff and crew at Casa Vieja Lodge
    The captains and mates of the Cañaso, Finest Kind, Intensity & Release
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Default Re: Stu Apte Fly Tournament

    Correction on final day angler standings:

    1-Stu Apte: 330 points
    2-Tim Eshelman: 210 points
    3-Pete Eshelman: 110 points
    4-Terry Gibson: 110 points

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    Default Re: Stu Apte Fly Tournament

    Other corrections, as I can't seem to find an "edit" key on these pages - frustrating? You betcha!

    Team Prizes are reversed - it should be:
    1- Team Eshelman (Cañaso): 320 points

    2- Team Apte & DePriest (Finest Kind): 330 points (*)

    (*) according to the rules, a team member must score at least one fish in order to qualify for team prizes. Mr. DePriest unfortunately did not meet this requirement - thus knocking Stu from being top team.

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    Default Re: Stu Apte Fly Tournament

    More photos, courtesy of Terry Gibson, Fly Rod & Reel writer who was aboard the Intensity (Capt. Mike Sheeder) with Dr. Gerald Millstein. Terry's hooked up.

    Dr. Millstein and old buddy Capt. Ron Hamlin.

    Capt. Hamlin with Costa Rican Captains Brandon Keene & David Dobbins.

    Awards to: Tim Eshelman, Jeannine (for Stu) Apte, Capt. Chico Alvarenga on the winning boat Cañaso & Pete Eshelman

    Stu Apte's 200th fly caught sailfish released. Note the tag placed by mate Efron.

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    Default Re: Stu Apte Fly Tournament

    Next year's tournament will be 18-24 January 2010 - at Casa Vieja Lodge. There are two packages available:

    7 days, 6 nights, 5 days fishing (two practice and three tournament) $6115 per angler, in teams of two.

    6 days, 5 nights, 4 days fishing (one practice and three tournament) $4985 per angler, in teams of two.

    Remember this is not just grabbing the leader and popping the fly. That's is what caused the team on the Release to lose first place! The fish must be billed and the hook removed to be scored.

    There are packages for non-angling wives, girlfriends, and others.

    Contact me at South Fishing, 800-882-4665 to join the fly fishing event of the year! We will be changing the webpage to show the new dates.

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