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    Default New rod christened

    Well I finally pulled the plug and sprung for a new Sage TCR 9' 8wt. What a great casting rod. My buddy, Captain Applegate from Islamorada, just down the road, knew my wrist was killing me from too much casting with a 12 wt, and called to see if the new one came in. He talked me into going with him the next morning and taking it out for a christening.

    So I loaded up with ibuprophen and we went out next AM. Applegate wanted to get another video for his fledgling website that we work on in our spare time.

    Not only does the sage cast beautifully, it has some balls too, though I was much more careful with it than you would think from the picture below. The resolution isn't that great since I snatched them off the video, but you get the idea.

    These are pretty fish against the deep color of the Gulfstream

    This one give a pretty good perspective of the size.

    Thursday was its proper christening. Caught the little one and lost the big one, so the pressure is off on all counts.

    All in, it was a very good week. New rod I like, some good excitement and sun, healthy food in the fridge, and my buddy has his video - though it was a madhouse with both "cameramen" hooked up to fish simultaneously, and still needs to be shortened. Here's a link if anyone is interested.

    YouTube - Dolphin on a Fly in Florida Keys


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    Default Re: New rod christened

    WOW! That's a heck of a tough rod! I have to try saltwater ff'ing. Great looking fish, Jim.

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    Default Re: New rod christened

    Jim: Nice photos, thanks for sharing. You definitely put that rod through its paces on the maiden trip! Reminds me of fishing for salmon in AK with my 8 wt Orvis rod. It always amazed me how much punishment that rod could take.


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