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  1. Question Turks and Caicos self guided bonefishing

    Hello all,

    I am going on a trip to the Club med in Turks. I plan on doing some self guided bone fishing while i am there for spring break. Has anyone been down there and done the whole self-guided thing? I have never done any bonefishing, and realize that hiring a guide would be the best thing, but due to my college budget, I dont really see that happening.

    Any advice on fishing down there without a guide would be greatly appreciated. I have been trying to do research but there really isnt much out there.

    My trip is late march of '11 and I will be staying at the club med turkoise.



  2. Exclamation Re: Turks and Caicos self guided bonefishing

    anyone? HELP! I dont have much time!

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    Hi Stevo,

    I will going there 3/26-4/2/11 and would enjoy your company. I will be staying at Comfort Suites in Provo. I have hired Darin Bain to be my bonefish guide and would love to share the cost with you ($400/each) for the whole day. Or, if that doesn't fit your budget I have a lot of tips on exactly where to fly fish if we self guide ourselves. Please give me a call at 949-291-5402 oe email me at


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    Ah mate! Too late it seems, hope your trip down there proved successful.

    Truth be told, I actually went down a few years back and caught a **** load of barracuda, wading. I also hooked a 4-foot-long tarpon in the harbor and broke all my sh*t right off! That's what you get for being a moron, I told myself!

    Haha, boy was it fun though!! Can't wait to get back down there and get out on the flats for some bonefish though. Let us know how ya did!

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    Did you ever go bonefishing (or any other fishing) while you were at T&C? Just wondering how it went.

    Also does anyone out there have any suggestions for places to fish in Turks and Caicos? I will be out there in May(Provo) and wanted to know if anyone knew where there were any honey holes? Plan to bring my spinning reel.


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    Hi Guys - I am also interested in this thread. I have a trip booked to T&C for This christmas with the family. Will be on Provo on the east end of Grace Bay. From what I know the fishing is really on the south side of the island.

    Do they frown upon self guided fishing? is there public access?

    Also - Is anyone is going to be there during Christmas week - would be willing to split the cost of a guide. I am primairly a trout guy .. getting into salt fly this year

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    Bumping this thread. I am heading to TCI on Christmas Eve. Any one with any information on Flyfishing down there ( self Guided) or anyone else happen to be going there next week that would be wiling to share a guide.


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    How did you do over Xmas?

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    Default Re: Turks and Caicos self guided bonefishing

    I am headed down in February. How did it go for any of you? Suggestions for flies?


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