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    Default Florida in March

    I am looking to get to Florida in March to write an article for Blood Knot. There are many options, but what is the best? The Keys look fun. How long would I need down there? I was thinking 2 full days of guided fishing.

    If I stayed further north is it possible to rent a kayak and figure it out on my own. I like the adventure of exploring unknown territory, but the editor wants to catch fish.

    Are there better locations for fish in the first week of March?

    Our other option is Hawai'i....

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    Default Re: Florida in March

    Southwest Florida in Lee County has some great spots and good guides out in Pine Island Sound. Just saw a show on American Fly fisher going for Redfish.

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    Default Re: Florida in March

    How long would I need down there?
    I quess that would depend on what you're fishing for and how lucky you are.

    March and April are generally the months for the biggest blow outs. Sometimes small craft warnings are up for a week at a time. It is also good permit and bonefishing then as well during the calms, with big tarpon in Florida Bay estuaries and resident juveniles in the Keys as always.

    There will be sailfish around as well.

    Kayak rentals abound in the Keys as elsewhere in Florida.


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    Default Re: Florida in March

    One of the best 1/2 days of fishing I've ever experienced was wading on the bay side of Lover's Key State Park in SW FL. I've saltwater fished my whole life, but was down there on business in April. I didn't fly fish then, but I had a light spinning rod with me. My buddy and I caught trout, redfish, snook and jacks on swimtail shad until we just got tired of reeling them in! We didn't land any giants, but they were there, they also knew where the channel marker was that we were throwing to, and would make a bee line for it when hooked. I thought to myself then- If I had had a canoe or kayak it would have even been better if that was possible. As it was we fished until the park ranger had to come down to the beach and hollar at us to get out because the park was closing. Great day.

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    Default Re: Florida in March

    Thanks all. I have decided to go to Hawai'i instead!

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    Mike Hennesey is a really go bonefish guide in Hawaii. He was featured in the IGFA book two years ago. Check him out.

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