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    Although I was not fly fishing we went out saturday and got 6 keepers up to 13 lbs. They are starting to get larger ones so in a couple of weeks.....

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    Hey Atlaw:

    Hope your keeping the fish occupied with your fishing. I know of the blue water fly fishng opportunities around S. Carlos. But, I was wondering if there is any estuaries or flats in the area? I was going to go down to Sonora this year but life's obligations got in the way, and there may be a possibility of a trip next year. Anyway, tomase una cerverza bien fria por mi parte, pero que no sea Corona.

    Fish Hard.
    Living large in the Southwest.

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    Hi Andy,
    Sorry we didn't get to fish together. Maine was great, no fish,
    but nice to get away. While it was cold there were no blackflies,
    but when it cleared and things warmed up, they were murder!!
    I was just wondering how the fishing was on the Deerfield River.
    What were the conditions like? Did you have any problems with the
    higher water levels? What was your catch like? Any larger trout?
    Rain, rain, rain, is all we have here. Looked at the Millers River on
    the way to Gardner yesterday, and it was very full (altho not flooding),
    and very swift!

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    Trucha-yes there is an estuary just to the south of SC. Not sure what's in there but it is a protected area so might be good. Dorado are now being gotten up to 40lbs(but not by me yet). Also marlin are around and being caught.
    Troutlassie-I'm sorry we missed fishing together. The week went by way too fast. Fishing was good, caught fish the 5 days I went out. All rainbows from maybe 12" to one at 18" or so. The water level in the morning before the release was low and the water clear. Dark wooly buggers were the ticket althought I did get a couple on an elk caddis. I also picked up my latest rod-a custom bamboo 5 wgt made by John Pelloni. Sweet and pretty. And the best part is that it only rained twice at night.....

    tight lines

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