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    During the last year and a half I lived in San Carlos, Mexico which is about 6 hours south of tucson on Rt15 or you can fly into Guaymas fron Phoenix(this is about 15 kilometers away from San Carlos). Here the fishing is outstanding although fly guys are few. Dorado to 50lbs, sails, yellowfin, and marlin are plentiful. There is a great marina in town with many boats. I used Bob Blairs' often, he has two and a captain that knows his stuff. There is plent of shore fishing as well-lots of 3lb skipjacks and the occasional dorado. good place.
    tight lines

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    Hello atlaw:

    What type of fly gear do you use to go after those 50# Dorados?

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    5-20 pounders are more common by far. I have never been fortunate enough to get the big guys but the people that do chase them use 10-14 wt rods and to me, really large flies, after watching the birds work the leftovers and heading to them. Dorado move fast but lots of times there will be one(some) hiding under what seems to be to me really small seaweed patches and here you can cast a popper or if that dosen't work a deciever so similar. there's a great book by Trey Coombs called Bluewater Flyfishing that deals with all types and has lots of info(more than I can supply in my unhappily limited experience). Reels have to be good and have an excellent drag system along with plent of backing. Incidentally, I think the record near here (Cabo) is 73 pounds caught in 1962 but I am not positve. I think the all time record for a fly rod is 87 pounds caught off Costa Rica in '76 so they do get big for sure.

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    man, i'd love to see some pics of that stuff.

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