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    Re: Coronavirus and the travelling angler

    I'm certainly very concerned about it all. I'll be 68 a week from today with a history of heart disease, and I also take care of my 90 year old mother who has multiple disabilities. And my life is...
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    Re: Greg Brown - The Evening Calll

    I've been a long time fan of Greg Brown since I first heard him in the early 1980s and have most of his recordings.

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    Re: Ross Reels Warranty Service

    Yes, Ross does have great service! A few months ago I sent in one of my old Cimarrons I bought in the early 2000s. They did an excellent job fixing a spool rim that was bent badly enough that it...
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    Re: Hardy Reels

    Here's a pic of my Marquis No.6 on my old 586-2 SP
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    Re: Hardy Reels

    Just saw this thread. I've used a 5wt line on a Marquis 6 extensively for the past 15 yrs or so. I like the line pick up on the 3 1/4" dia spool, and a little more room with a DT. Don't know for...
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    Re: What Did You Buy Today?

    I can relate to that. I've been on a fly gear spending bender for the past month and just bought a couple more nice English made reels. Should hold me for the rest of the year... maybe.
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    Re: Nail Knot Reliable For Backing?

    The only fish I've caught in my area that have taken me into the backing were river stripers in the 20 and 30 lb ranges. For me that's big. They were all caught on 8wt lines nail-knotted with the...
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    Re: What Did You Buy Today?

    I bought a particularly fine old Hardy made Orvis CFO click-pawl today (my first CFO --have wanted one for ages & finally bit the bullet). Also two nice new (Hardy made) fly rod travel cases and...
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    Re: Nail Knot Reliable For Backing?

    I've never had an issue with a nail knot either as the weak link is always in the tippet for trout. When changing lines on trout gear I usually leave the knot, cut the backing a few feet back and...
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    Re: SA/Hardy made System 5

    I received this SA/Hardy System 5 a few days ago and it is superb, in virtual mint conditon! It'll hold a place of honor with my Sage SP 586 & 590 (and any of my other 5wt rods).

    Paul, thank you...
  11. Re: January caption competition - sponsored by Allen Fly Fishing

    Sometimes you just need to get to the river and get to it QUICK!!!
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    Re: Loudest reel

    I'm sure various Hardys will win the prize, and my LRH Lightweight used to be the loudest reel I owned, but it has sweetened over the years.

    My current loudest are my two pre-98 Gunnison G5's (9...
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    Re: Orvis Superfine Carbon Rods

    I'm quite fond of my little 4wt 7'6" graphite Superfine, which was gifted to me along with a Hardy Battenkill some years back by the original owner who had decided she had no interest in fly fishing....
  14. Thread: Shorts

    by Southerncaster

    Re: Shorts

    I've been into poison ivy more times than I could ever count, even over almost my entire body on one occasion. I have no faith in becoming immune to it. Tecnu works pretty good at controlling it if...
  15. Re: A Loomis Composites 96% Graphite 10 1/2 ft #8/9 circa 1980.

    And a Happy New Year to you, too, Lewis!

    I've never felt my LCI rods would ever be particularly valuable or collectible, other than maybe to those like yourself and others who are interested in...
  16. Re: A Loomis Composites 96% Graphite 10 1/2 ft #8/9 circa 1980.

    What kind of varnish did you use on the thread?

    I had my 7'6" LCI in the backyard yesterday comparing it against a couple other similar sized rods & comparing some old lines on it.

  17. Re: Decisions... Decisions... Help me decide! ROSS vs ABEL

    Hmm. Aside from the fact that I only use click-pawl reels with my trout fishing gear up to 5wt, I have 5 Rosses for my primary disk drag uses and while I would certainly like to have a San Miguel to...
  18. Re: December 2019 caption competition - sponsored b Allen Fly Fishing

    The new yellow composite surf rod under development by NORTH Pole Company, LLC, is currently in the testing stages at their southern facility.
  19. Re: Aging eyes: getting the fly onto the tippet

    Back in summer I had eye exam and got new glasses. Instead of going to Walmart for them like I usually do, I got some nice looking frames I wanted from the optics shop at my doctor's office for a...
  20. Re: Aging eyes: getting the fly onto the tippet

    A lot of good ideas! I think I just need to get the lower strength clip-ons for on the stream and they'll be okay.

    I'll probably also pick up a pair of drugstore rack bifocals just for...
  21. Re: Aging eyes: getting the fly onto the tippet

    Okay here's an update. I stopped by Sportsman's Warehouse while I was out today and took a look at the Carson Clip&Flip magnifiers on the fly tying isle. They didn't have any +1.5x in stock, so I...
  22. Re: Aging eyes: getting the fly onto the tippet

    With Christmas coming up soon I've been so busy I haven't had time to go and check them out further, but am hoping to get to that local store that has the Carsons sometime this week and try...
  23. Re: Connecting The Backing To Your Reel Spool;

    I like the knot in the video and will try it. I've used a uni knot to tie onto the arbor for as long as I can remember, but haven't tried it with the extra loops.

    ***I edited out the rest of this...
  24. Re: Fly Equipment Cleaning, Maintenance, Sanitization Questions

    After fishing in freshwater, I might rinse my gear off if it really needs it --if I remember to.
    I've fished and waded (with waders) many times in local rivers that occasionally have e-coli warnings...
  25. Re: Aging eyes: getting the fly onto the tippet

    Thanks Don and Todd for the info. It's the first time I'd checked into magnifiers and looks like some good options to choose from. Probably be a good idea to get a pair for my pack and another for my...
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