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  1. Interesting Early T&T on eBay UK (briefly!).

    An old Thomas & Thomas graphite rod appeared on eBay UK today which I thought might interest some here from an academic perspective - I have no connection with the rod or seller myself. Sadly the...
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    Re: Leaving on a Jet Plane...

    Better pack those Simroes for one last cast. ;)
    Have a fun and memorable trip, I look forward to the tales on your return.
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    Re: Early Fenwick Carbon Fiber Rods

    OldRodMan and I have chatted by pm already, so no point repeating myself here other than to say that, regrettably I don't have a '73 catalogue, only the '80s Rod Builders one that is on the early...
  4. Re: An STH Eliseo's 12 .... Can the Wind Direction be Changed?

    For as long as the photos remain, an STH/Shakespeare 8910 Cassette ~ Size 3 (patent pending) can be seen here on eBay.
    It's the first STH/Shakey I've seen so I thought I'd note it as yet another...
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    Re: STH reels

    I think there is an STH reel-related page on Facebook with other owners chatting about them?
    If you don't get your answer here then maybe see if there's some helpful advice there.
    It might be...
  6. Info Requested on Early Graphite-USA Carbon/Boron Blanks

    I'm looking at a rod I'm curious about because I believe it may be built on a Graphite-USA carbon/boron blank from circa 1978 and built by a quality UK company of the period.

    Just wondering if any...
  7. Re: An STH Eliseo's 12 .... Can the Wind Direction be Changed?

    I have a new addition to my STH 'collection' .... A Cortland/STH from the Turbine family.

    It's a Cortland Turbine LA 7-8-9, No. 164 ~ 250. Here it is with its STH cousin, the Pop 2 Turbine for...
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    Re: What Did You Buy Today?

    I think that's beautiful, rangerrich99. Here's wishing you many happy years together. :)

    If you don't mind, how will you use it and on what character of water?
  9. Re: An STH Eliseo's 12 .... Can the Wind Direction be Changed?

    Hello, Andy, and welcome to the NA forum. Hope you stick around - and that the Spey trip went well. :)
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    Re: Barrio fly line ?

    Another vote for Mike Barrio and his line of lines. I must have bought a dozen for myself and for friends over the years and have not had one problem or complaint.

    Barrio's is the first place I...
  11. Re: An STH Eliseo's 12 .... Can the Wind Direction be Changed?

    Lava lamp! You old hippy. ;)

    As each of my Turbines has a metal reservoir I can't compare oil levels but take a look here at a decent pic of an as-new, injection molded, IM Turbine 567. If you sit...
  12. Re: An STH Eliseo's 12 .... Can the Wind Direction be Changed?

    I'm still waiting to have my turbines challenged, too.
    Look, I don't know how easy removing & resealing a red dot would be, I'm just guessing that would be a way if you had to, but haven't tried...
  13. Re: An STH Eliseo's 12 .... Can the Wind Direction be Changed?

    Thanks for the pics, Dave, that's the best view of the clear-backed oil reservoir I've seen.
    Are you serious about topping up the oil? My turbines have two sealed filler holes on the inside but...
  14. Re: An STH Eliseo's 12 .... Can the Wind Direction be Changed?

    I've just snaffled myself a celebratory present - an STH/Cortland Turbine LA 789 in (what looks like) perfect nick. No. 164 ~ 250.
    Not a cartridge reel, this one, nor with any additional disc drag...
  15. Re: A Fine Scottish Salmon River Video.

    Cheers, guys. Yes, it's 'horses for courses', as we say, depending on how deep your pockets/severe your affliction. ;)

    From memory, when I was in the States & Canada I had to buy an annual licence...
  16. Re: A Fine Scottish Salmon River Video.

    Hi, K_e_v, I'm happy to elaborate. :)

    I think it's reasonably fair to divide Scottish salmon (and sea trout) fishing into two categories - Association Water and Private Water.

    Private Water...
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    Re: Schoolhouse Blues

    Thanks. A handsome fly which I'm sure will do well in Scotland for Atlantic salmon and sea trout.

    I don't know if it's the same with steelhead, but blue is very effective here for fish fresh from...
  18. A Fine Scottish Salmon River Video.

    Hi, folks. In the absence of a 'World Fly Fishing' sub-forum I thought I'd post this here in the hope you enjoy it.

    It's a promotional video for the River Thurso in N.E. Scotland, a river which...
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    Re: Fixing loose line guide question

    I'm still a novice at this, FB, but I don't think I'd use epoxy on a vintage rod if the other rings have been varnished - I imagine it will look different and probably be bulkier (fatter).
    The best...
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    Re: 1 or 2 rods

    Hello, OLDnewbie, and welcome to the forum.
    Like you, I've read this with a grin on my face. Knowledge aside, the hospitality and gentility of this forum is a credit to the membership and...
  21. Re: Questions about types of waters and understanding them

    I don't know if it will help the o.p. but when I move to a new area or head off on holiday I'll often look up the area's geological map in the public library and search for limestone/chalk outcrops....
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    What's My Line?

    I posted this on another thread but didn't want to hijack, so here we are.

    Here's one puzzling me.
    It's a Spey line which was given to me, used but good. It could be a few years old now, 5 or so....
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    Re: Identifying unmarked lines

    Edit: Please ignore me now that the op is back - I don't want to hijack his thread.

    Here's one puzzling me, while mteresko (Welcome! :) ) is busy test-casting .....

    It's a Spey line which...
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    Re: Rivers Full of Carp

    Carp was a staple food through most of Europe until the advent of Protestantism which removed the necessity to eat fish on Fridays, or rather, too not eat meat - which a Papal edict demanded of Roman...
  25. Re: An STH Eliseo's 12 .... Can the Wind Direction be Changed?

    Thanks very much, o.c. Makes me wonder what other accessories they made?
    So, is the clip simply for holding loops of line while you are moving through the shallows, sight fishing? Spot fish. Lift...
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