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  1. Thread: Didymo

    by dillon

    Re: Didymo

    You’re going to like your Rock Treads. No more need for felt with them.
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    Re: Barbed or barbless for shad

    It would be a good idea to smash the barb, just in case you hook a wild steelhead in the Columbia...
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    Re: Ad blockers - a plea

    I don’t use an ad blocker, but the only ad that really annoys me is the large McAfee one that covers most of my inbox making my “likes” and quoted posts very difficult to read. Not that I get many...
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    Re: Brown trout habitat

    I was wondering if this thread might be an attempt at a little Brown Trout humor. If it was it got some bites...
  5. Re: Would you pay fee for access to private Blue Ribbon river?

    It’s not private water, it’s private access. Are the fis still participation trophies? :)
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    Re: Help with fishing Dry Flies

    When a fish believes your bug is real, it opens its mouth, creates suction with its gills that pulls the bu in, and then shuts its mouth and swallows.

    When a fish senses something is fake, it may...
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    Re: Help with fishing Dry Flies

    Nate Brumley | Ask About Fly Fishing

    I believe it would be worth your time to listen to the above podcast. It’s all about fishing the dry fly. BTW, I’d bet your inability to hook these...
  8. Re: Would you pay fee for access to private Blue Ribbon river?

    Agreed, but it’s the Big hole, big difference... :)
  9. Re: How long would you drive for a pretty good chance to catch a...

    An hour and a half, but only if it was a spring creek habitat with reliable mayfly hatches. My closest destination for such opportunity is a 7 hour drive one way. So, it’s out of the question. I...
  10. Re: Would you pay fee for access to private Blue Ribbon river?

    SweetandSalt and I would be happy to fish the evening rise when in the area and tell you what it’s worth. Seriously though, you could contact one of the local fly shops and see if they are...
  11. Re: Would you pay fee for access to private Blue Ribbon river?

    In Montana it is legal to float or wade a river that flows through private property. If on foot one must stay below the high water mark. A person can access a stream from a public bridge, then wade...
  12. Re: Would you pay fee for access to private Blue Ribbon river?

    Why do you ask? Do you own land on a river in Montana?
  13. Thread: Trout and Algae

    by dillon

    Re: Trout and Algae

    Deschutes River Alliance

    My home river, The Deschutes, has suffered from algae blooms in recent years. It has mainly resulted in loss of insect populations and is caused by warm and polluted top...
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    Re: Trapping hackle on whip finish?

    You could pull the barbules off one side of the stem of the feather to make a sparser fly.
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    Re: Fly tying packages... for specific flies

    What patterns do you want to tie?
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    Re: 4wt Dry fly rod suggestions

    What length are you going to get? 8’6” is my favorite 4wt length. Great for small to midsize rivers and a nice Stillwater dry fly rod. I have a 486 and 490 of the same make and model. They are...
  17. Re: Am I Just Compensating for Underlying Problems?

    Can you double haul? I find it essential skill when casting for distance. It also allows me to shoot line, so I don’t have to carry so much line in the air.
  18. Re: Montana Shuts Down The State...except for 'Outdoor Activities'!

    It looks like Montanans can enjoy some uncrowded pre runoff fishing and perhaps post runoff as well...
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    Re: Pretty Gloomy even for an Angler;

    I’m doing fine as far as fishing goes. It’s too hard to think about a fishing trip due to the uncertainty of the future. For me, there are far more serious things to worry about than the next...
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    Re: Fly tying materials - online buying?

    Although shops may be temporarily closed, I would think many of them would continue to fill on line orders. This would be a good way to support them until they are able to reopen.
  21. Re: Any suggestions for simple flies using the same materials as a wooly bugger?

    Google: Denny Richards fly patterns. You will see his woolly Bugger pattern: the Seal Bugger with a video on how to tie it. Some of his other patterns are variations of the bugger so the same...
  22. Thread: Quiver check

    by dillon

    Re: Quiver check

    In regards to no hook holder, no problem. It is better to attach the hook to one of the guides in the tip section. Then loop the leader around the rim of the reel, not the reel seat, as it will...
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    Re: Survival of Hatchery vs Wild Steelhead

    Science Friday: The habitat that steelhead prefer, and how we use it to estimate capacity of rivers – Wild Steelheaders United
  24. Thread: The Turle Knot

    by dillon

    The Turle Knot

    Native Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon fishing is steeped in tradition. Even great innovators like Simon Gawesworth understand the value of it. ...
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    Re: Replicating a Leader

    Yes, that is the style hook I use for hairwings and Spey patterns. I think you did show me that knot one time, but maybe not. I’ll take a look again, but I’m comfortable with my turle. Change is...
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