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    Re: Small stream Stories and Pictures;

    Had a great time on my home river in the wht mtns of arizona. Caught and released apache, brookie, rainbow and browns. Small fish on dries but great fun with a 379 circa. This trip I fished...
  2. Re: New Sage Rods - Starting to recycle a name...LL

    I guessed wrong about the line and reel for the new LL. The featured pic shows a sage clicker and I can see how that reel would balance better than the 2 ounce heavier trout on a new sage khd fly...
  3. Re: To net or not to net. THAT is the question

    Yes no nets or waders in a national preserve to protect the streams from invasive. The marshy stream banks make it hard to get to and release the fish.
  4. Re: New Sage Rods - Starting to recycle a name...LL

    So it seems like the new sage trout LL is a match with the new sage trout reel and the new rio light line that's already available. I would like that new reel on both the new LL or the old LL. ...
  5. Re: To net or not to net. THAT is the question

    With four fused vertebra in my lower back I have to use a net and knee pads on small streams to keep them wet. A longer net wouldn't work. There's a stream I fish that has steep muddy banks where you...
  6. Re: New Sage Rods - Starting to recycle a name...LL

    Very interesting. I've been dreaming of another moderate action sage for small streams. This may be the one. I'm hoping for a new taper that doesn't match the original LL but more full flexing like...
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    Re: Simms G3's New Color Steel

    That's a lot of my problem. I like my old color waders too. It's hard to put down the cash on these new simms.
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    Simms G3's New Color Steel

    I was at the fly shop interested in simms wading pants. The new simms G3 wading pants come in a solid color called steel which is very dark. Most pics on the web don't show the new color but show the...
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    Re: Why are you here?

    I came over here from There wasn't much happening there for a long time and I needed a new fly fishing home.
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    Re: Misplaced, Forgotten, Lost or stolen

    I converted a few non believers to safety seals with my trail repairs. Get a safety seal kit.
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    Re: Misplaced, Forgotten, Lost or stolen

    My fishing gear is ready to go. I pack it in the truck with confidence. On the road there are three things I check to make sure I didn't lose them. Wallet, phone and camera. I never leave the truck...
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    Re: The Hunt for Gila Trout

    This was a great adventure to the gila wilderness. We made it in. We didn't freeze. There was beauty both dead and alive. And some of the fastest wild trout anywhere. The fallen trees were a...
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    Re: Float tube fin advice

    I have force fins strap style with cabelas fin saver leg straps. Over 20 years old and still in great condition. I also have the caddis fins I used once. I keep them for backup.
  14. Re: What is your cheapest and your most expensive

    Like many I bought a cheap cabelas three forks. I don't remember what it cost. Most expensive was a discontinued sage one for $500.
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    Re: Waterproof camera .. or none?

    I like taking pics when I fish to have later to enjoy, share with friends and often create trip reports for this forum to enjoy. I would definitely get a camera. My only suggestion is get a $199 one....
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    Re: Have you seen

    That's pretty cool. Worth trying out for the price.
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    Re: Have you seen

    Looks like it could work as a seat but seems too short for a staff. I've never seen one.
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    Re: Tiger Trout Pics

    Caught my first tiger. I had hoped to catch one since they stocked them 3 years ago. Been trying every spring at our lake managed for large rainbow and tiger trout....
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    Re: Happy Easter

    Happy Easter everyone. On Easter Sunday when I was a kid we would have big egg hunts after church at south holston river below the dam. It's a famous tailwater now. We went there often. I caught and...
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    Re: Retrieving streamers in stillwater

    On my mtn lakes if indicator midge fishing is getting fish and the trout are keyed in on midges 6-12" from the bottom not much else will catch their attention. Otherwise I would try a balanced bugger...
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    Re: Line suggestion for 7 1/2' bamboo rod

    I have a 7' dickerson 7012 4wt and currently using sa heritage ultra presentation wf4f. This is a true weight line with an original taper for bamboo or glass rods. I use weight forward for short...
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    Re: Will it ever stop ?

    Sorry to hear ron. I hope it will stop. But It's going to take a while for an improvement in the leg pain due to the trauma of the surgery. Add another surgery and the fluid pressure and it may take...
  23. Re: April 2019 Caption Competition - sponsored by Allen Fly Fishing

    Alright, which one of you cat's been hot spotting this boat on the internet?
  24. Re: March 2019 Caption Competition - sponsored by Allen Fly Fishing

    Wow, that's awesome. Thank you kirsty and allen fly fishing. It's a lot of fun reading all the entries every month. I enter every month.
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    Re: Fly Fishing Etiquette Question

    I walk away from situations like that of the op and have a better day doing it. It happens a lot at the san juan where I fish.
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