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    Re: Ross Vexsis Reel $175 TYD CONUS

    Vexsis is a great reel. Love mine.
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    Re: Float Tube

    You're supposed to go backwards.

    Lots of different brands of tubes, and styles for that matter. After having used and owned tubes for almost 20 years now (Geez, can it really be that long now?) I...
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    Re: Rainbow trout in ponds?

    When stillwater fishing you want to have an idea of what the bottom structure looks like. A topo map would be ideal.

    If you can't get a topo, you can also try extrapolating a rough idea of what...
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    Re: How do I go back to trout?

    Well, you could stop fishing tailwaters that require you to fish sz 24 flies and/or just choose to fish terrestrials, and stop fishing water that only hold 6-inch fish.

    Just ribbing you a bit, but...
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    Re: Tick season is upon us !

    Haven't dealt with a tick since I began using Sawyer's permethrin/Picaridin sprays, or InsectShield picaridin-infused clothing. Not one in however many years I've been using the stuff. Just bought...
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    Re: Cost to spool?

    Never had to pay for putting line on a spool.

    I've even walked into a shop with my own reel and my own line/backing and asked them to spool it, and always gotten that service for free.

    Not sure...
  7. Re: So I was practicing my casting today when this happened....

    Pretty much have to let your loops open up a bit to cast farther than about 40 feet without a haul. At the end of the day it's just easier to haul when casting farther than 40 feet. For myself,...
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    Re: How To Hold A Trout

    Beat me to it.
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    Re: Making Road Coffee

    I recently bought a Stanley French press 48 oz. Love it despite its price tag. Indestructible (so far), being made almost entirely of stainless steel helps, of course. Last year I picked up the...
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    Re: Why are you here?

    I started lurking on this forum over ten years ago now. I just used the search function to try and get answers to the 10,001 questions I had about how to do everything.

    I began fly fishing about...
  11. Re: So I was practicing my casting today when this happened....

    Without a haul, you're about at the limit now.
  12. Re: Rare trout caught up north? video confirmation

    I thought it was a 'bow as well. A pretty darn nice 'bow; solid 16 maybe 18 inches? And good color as well . . .
  13. Re: Rare trout caught up north? video confirmation

    Wait. Just so we're clear: somehow there's a problem with someone posting a high quality video of fly-fishing on a fly-fishing forum? Well, for shame! Who would do such an egregiously ludicrous...
  14. Re: Rare trout caught up north? video confirmation

    It's probably a regular 'bow.

    The slash under its jaw should be a bit more orange-ish, and the spots along its body should be a little smaller, I think for a cutt-bow.
  15. Re: Mosquito time- Do the Deet or pick up Picaridin? Case study

    Just grabbed this from a previous thread about basically the same thing:

    "Been using both the Sawyer spray and Insect Shield Clothing. Both work. There are several manufacturers of insect...
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    Re: Recommended clothing?

    In July the air temp is probably going to be in the 90s.

    I've been going to the Hotchkiss area in CO in July for the last couple years or so and I typically wet-wade. However, if I had to wear...
  17. Re: Harvesting: proper way to euthanize your catch

    Not to mention all their little fish friends at school . . .
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    Re: Health Issues ...

    It goes without saying that I hope and pray that you recover quickly. But I'll say it anyway; "Get better soon." (Read somewhere that the green is the most soothing of colors).

    Take care of...
  19. Re: To net or not to net. THAT is the question

    For smaller fish I tend to use a Ketchum Release tool; the fish stays in the water, and I don't have to handle the fish at all.

    For fish over 17 inches I tend to use a net, one with a rubber bag.
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    Re: Misplaced, Forgotten, Lost or stolen

    This may be the single best piece of advice in the whole thread.
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    Re: Fly Newbie seeking help!

    Lots of good advice here already, and I hope that you're planning on getting some quality casting lessons prior to buying a rod and reel.

    Just because, I thought I'd throw in one more option in...
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    Re: Misplaced, Forgotten, Lost or stolen

    Once I left my wallet in the freezer. Once I returned from my trip, it took me a day and a half to find it.

    For myself, as I have an issue with keeping track of things, I had to resort to the...
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    Re: Does anyone but me use

    Right click did nothing. Well, nothing that had anything to do with my computer talking.
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    Re: Does anyone but me use

    Wait. There's a 'read aloud' feature on here? where is that?
  25. Re: Harvesting: proper way to euthanize your catch

    They still make creels. Or they did up until 5-6 years ago.
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