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  1. Annual August trip to the Idaho Mountains

    The truck is packed up, our vest’s are full of properly organized fly boxes. The anticipation of the Annual August trip into the high Idaho mountains has kept my son up all night. We will hit the...
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    Re: Furled Leaders

    I have attached a link of an Orvis podcast from some years ago... If you fast forward to about 25 min in, you will hear a discussion that is very positive towards furled leaders in long leader...
  3. Re: Happy Customer Pic's from Cutthroat Leaders

    Another Beautiful fish from Alaska. The fisherman were using our Big Bug leader throwing Mice fly's...
  4. Re: Simple revelations that make life better


    what a great idea... Those little things that fishing/hunting buddies do over the years at camp really help to build great memories. Our bug issues are not that bad where I am now, but...
  5. Canyon Float.... There's a Hole in my Net....!

    Floated one of my favorite canyon trips this past weekend. The S. Fork of the Boise.

    We got the cat-raft into the water, organized and ready for push off. My buddy, whom is always last to be...
  6. Re: East fork of the Bitterroot River mt

    I fished the east Fork on Monday evening. Actually, hooked into fish while getting my rod ready and the fly was sitting on the water. That is when you know it is going to be a great evening of...
  7. East fork of the Bitterroot River mt

    I am heading towards Hamilton Mt this week. I have never fished this section of the Bitterroot. I have been told the walk and wade fishing is great on the East fork. Does anyone have any...
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    Re: To Tenkara, or not to Tenkara

    My son started with a Tenkara Rod at first. Just a few years later, he is now very impressive with a fly rod. No w-a-days, we only pack the Tenkara when heading up into the high country, but when...
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    Re: Oak rod tube storage rack

    Looks great. I need to do the same... Looks like a great winter project.
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    Re: Soft Impact Strike Indicators

    I was sent some of the ghost indicators mentioned above... They worked ok. I have since gone back to my go to indicator system, the New Zealand system or wool and a small piece of tubing.

    I also...
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    Re: Furled leaders

    Many Fly Fishers Love them and will use nothing other, some don't like than at all. All personal choice. If interested in trying some, we offer Forum members a discount.
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    Re: Christmas Island

    Hi Tide....
    I was not on this trip, the pics are of my two buddies... They stayed at the Villages of Christmas Island. We are currently planning a return trip.

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    Christmas Island
  14. Re: Does anyone still use Stocking foot hip waders

    I agree, I have a pair from Chota, they are great...
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    Re: Hiking w/ fly rod

    I have built PVC rod holders. Not real fancy, but they protect my rods. Buy PVC pipe at Big box store. Drill some holes, cut some slots for webbing. Attach a cap on one end. I always use my rod...
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    Re: Building Trout Leaders

    One of my first fly fishing shows I attended was in Albany Oregon. My booth was right next to Joe Bradley. At the time, I had no idea he made these twisted leaders. We sold hundreds of leaders at...
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    Re: Solo Fish Pics

    I, like many have been guilty over the years of taking grip and grim shots. In the more recent years, most pics I take, the fish is in the water. For one, I think it makes for a better pic…

  18. Re: Do people really use their switch rod to indicator fish?

    I have done it with great success. Both using an indicator as well as swinging. I know some guys use a small latex balloon as an indicator. This can be pulled through the guides if need be. I...
  19. Re: Happy Customer Pic's from Cutthroat Leaders
  20. Re: Happy Customer Pic's from Cutthroat Leaders

    Yes. The combo's with options will allow you to select various length leaders. Although not the 50" Simply leave a note in the comments area at time of checkout to request a 50" leader...
  21. Cat’s and fly-tying materials…?

    Against my better judgement, we got a cat for my 10 yr daughter. Over the last few years she has proven herself as a pet owner. Just recently her pet Guinee Pig passed of old age, so we decided it...
  22. Re: Pro Tips: The 7 Deadly Sins of Fly Fishing Author

    Great Read Dan. Filled with lots of Truth...
  23. Re: Happy Customer Pic's from Cutthroat Leaders
  24. Fly Fishing Club Annual Fundraisers

    That time of year AGAIN…. Many fly Fishing Clubs across the states are having their annual...
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    Re: Fishy Framed Wall Art

    A couple years ago I received this wall hanger from an employee working a bar in Utah… He was a customer of ours that thought I might enjoy this piece. Two of my favorite things. Fly Fishing and...
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