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  1. Edgar Sealey the Mayfly English vintage 9? split cane trout fly rod ready to use line

    A vintage Edgar Seale of Redditch England The Mayfly 9' two piece split cane trout foy ro, in fine original condition throughout
    gold close whipped, red agate butt & tip guides, keeper ring, 6" cork...
  2. B James & Son London England Mk4 split cane carp rod onion handle ready to fish

    Fine B James & Son, London England Richard Walker Mk1V 10’ 2”, 2 piece cane carp rod,
    the rod is straight, few minior varnish marks, but generally good
    red agate butt/tip guides, low bridge...
  3. Dawson of Bromley the Burley 9? split cane rod 4 salmon pike carp fishing

    A stunning vintage Dawson of Bromley The Burley 9' two piece split cane spinning or stalking rod,
    heavy action suit large salmon, carp and pike fishing, pink agate lined butt and tip rings with low...
  4. Scottish built Daiwa Whisker Fly rod, 10? 2 piece line 7/8 little used with bag

    Daiwa Whisker Fly 10’ 2 piece carbon trout fly rod for line rate #7/9, model code WF98-10H,
    hand built in Scotland with Thistle logo, slim carbon blank, guides whipped purple, tipped red, cork...
  5. Daiwa Whisker kevlar fly 11? 3 piece line 5/7 Thistle logo hand made in Scotland

    Daiwa Whisker Fly 11’3” 3 piece carbon trout fly rod for line rate #5/7, ideal light line or boat rod
    model code WF98-11, 3 Large, hand built in Scotland with Thistle logo, slim carbon blank,...
  6. Daiwa Whisker Tournament Osprey 16? kevlar salmon fly rod for lines 11/12 little used

    Diawa Whisker Kevlar Fly Tournament Osprey Rod, Scottish built with Thistle logo,
    *16’- 3 piece for line rate #11/12, model code WTF-16 Heavy Salmon, in fine condition,
    green woven Kevlar blank,...
  7. Enright & Son antique brass salmon fly fishing reel with engraved face plate c 1890

    Scarce J Enright and Son 3 ½” brass Hercules pattern salmon fly reel,
    script engraved face plate, with horn handle and large central screw, correct brass foot blade,
    no check clicker, very...
  8. Scientific Anglers 3M System Two alloy trout fly reel line 6/7 with disc brake

    Scientific Angler’s System Two 6/7 alloy trout fly reel Made in England
    with backplate disc brake adjuster

    counterbalanced black handle, backplate tension adjuster and smooth alloy foot, twin...
  9. Farlow Elf 6’10 vintage split cane brook trout fly rod for line #5 with bag

    Farlow’s The Elf 6’10” 2 piece split cane brook trout fly rod, bronze whipped snake guides, second ring rewhipped,
    bronze ferrule, keeper ring, and 10” shaped cork handle with copper replacement...
  10. 2 Bruce & Walker classic hollow glass match fishing rods XLS 13 & Flyer 13 to use

    A pair of classic vintage Bruce and Walker match float fishing rods
    an XLS 13 with black whipped high bells guides, cork handle and sliding alloy reel rings and a Flyer 13' rod with green whipped...
  11. Hardy Fibalite 8’6? vintage brown hollow glass spinning rod salmon pike carp or bass

    Hardy Fibalite 8'6" vintage brown hollow glass spinning rod in used condition
    two piece, lightweight rings whipped green tipped red, bronze ferrule, 20" shaped cork handle with screw sliding reel...
  12. Scottish built Daiwa Whisker Fly carbon trout fly rod 9’6 for line 6/8 Thistle logo

    A fine Scottish built Daiwa Whisker Fly carbon* trout fly rod *model code WF 98-9’6H 9'6 for line # 6/8
    Thistle logo to butt, purple whipped lined guides,7” cork handle with anodised screw reel...
  13. Bob Church Crawford Little 15? IM6 carbon salmon fly rod for line 10-11 with bag

    A fine pre owned Bob Church Crawford Little 15' IM6 carbon salmon fly rod for line 10-11
    brown slim IM6 blank with brown whipped guides, lines butt and 2nd stripper, 25" cork handle with screw reel...
  14. Vintage English true Nottingham starback reel with bone handles and check clicker

    A fine English vintage beech wood Nottingham reel with bone handles, dating c 1920/20 period, looks like a Milward’s but unnamed.
    4-1/2” diameter,* deep dished drum with central brass screw, twin...
  15. fabulous all brass vintage skeleton brass fly reel 2.5? diameter with clicker

    A really smart all brass vintage skeleton pattern dry-fly reel, probably USA built,
    2-1/2" diameter with raised pillars, turned wood handle,* skeleton frame with ratchet check click on off button...
  16. DAM Effzett 495 vintage all brass trout fly reel with 2 pillar frame & clicker

    A vintage DAM Germany Effzett 495 all brass trout fly fishing reel, fine looking little reel,
    2 pillar model with smooth foot blade, counter balanced handle, ratchet of off check clicker
    , fully...
  17. English vintage mahogany wood and brass starback big game sea fishing reel

    Fine English 6” Nottingham pattern sea or big game fishing reel,
    fitted with twin polished cow horn handles on brass eye plates, central wing nut brake,
    brass back drum flange and inner liner,...
  18. Malloch of Perth all brass Patent side casting reel c1900 with good finish

    Fine early Malloch’s Patent all brass side casting reel, 3 ¼” diameter
    backplate, stamped “Malloch’s Patent” and with polished horn handle, non-reversible screw drum, correct brass foot and...
  19. Bushkill trout fly reel by Harry McVicker Tuxedo new york post war 3? model

    Scarce Bushkill Trout Reel by McVicar & Son, Tuxedo, New York
    *3” diameter trout model with polished alloy handle and screw brake to removable face plate, internal ball bearing check,
  20. Farlow all brass Patent Lever vintage salmon fly reel 191 & 10 Charles st addresses

    This is a fine C. Farlow & Co., Ltd Patent lever all brass salmon fly reel, No.2870,
    3 ¾” diameter with halfpenny coin style brake adjuster to backplate, 10 Charles St., and 191 Strand addresses, ...
  21. B James Bruce & Walker Avon Perfection hollow glass barbel roach rod with makers bag

    B James & Son in association with Bruce & Walker Avon Perfection glass fibre rod,
    12’ 2 piece, plus detachable butt, red agate lined butt and tip rings, high bells intermediates whipped dark...
  22. Hardy Salt Water no 3 Palakona cane big game rod 20lb test with spanner and bag

    Fine Hardy The No.3 Salt Water Palakona big game cane rod, No.H11109, Test Curve 20lb,
    factory stand off heavy nickel guides with Hardy stamped roller tip ring, dark burgundy whipped, felt wrapped...
  23. rare Hardy Valencia Palakona cane big game sea rod with twin opposed guides 1930-48

    Extremely rare Hardy The Valencia big game Palakona cane rod, 7’5” 2 piece,
    detachable butt, rod No.E29478, built from 1930-48 very few of these rods have ever surfaced
    heavy close whipped with...
  24. A. J. Davis Hand Built Marauder split cane Barbel Rod 11ft. 2 piece stunning special

    A new custom built Marauder 11’ 2 piece split cane barbel rod by A.J. Davis of Nottingham,
    special order 2 piece model (normally with detachable butt), this built in the traditional 2 piece format...
  25. x rare Hardy Richard Walker Carp Palakona rod 10? 2 piece in stunning condition with

    A stunning hardy Richard Kalker Carp palakone cane rod, made for 1 year 1968/9 these are rarely seen,
    light straw colour cane with guides whipped olive, tipped red,
    bronze suction ferrule nice and...
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