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    Re: R.L. Winston Thread

    Hey guys, currently I own three Winston rods:

    B IIIx 8.5' 3wt (headed out with me in a second to the GWNF to try and find a creek two guys recommended)

    B IIIx 9.0' 5wt

    WT 6.5' 2wt

  2. Re: Help! I'm clearly overthinking wading boot studs

    Thanks. If these are you, you make an interesting product. Welcome to he forum. Aluminum Traction for ANY boot or shoe!! Made in the USA
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    Re: Reels for Boo Rods

    All I can say after going through the pictures of rods and reels in this thread, is Jeezy Pete, these are some great looking rods! Some day, when I grow to be a big boy I want to get one of these....
  4. Re: Eight foot death machine, OR Wile E Coyote, Super Genius?

    I 100% agree, safety first at all times. I would have held onto her like a tick on a dog...for safety and stability reasons of course.:D
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    Re: Canyoneering With Side of Fly Fishing

    Ok first off, great pics, of amazing country and and beautiful water. I could easily lose track of time for days on end, scrambling, hiking, fishing in country like that. Second, got any pics of the...
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    Re: Bug pics thread

    Oh BTW if I haven't mentioned it earlier, you guys have some mad bug catching and ID skills!
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    Re: Small stream rod

    Perhaps a bit outside of the box but I would suggest the TFO Signature II. I have it in a 2wt, 6' long for this kind of work it loads well and is perfect for the very tight quarters that I fish in...
  8. Re: Help! I'm clearly overthinking wading boot studs

    So here is the pattern I went with . It's1707617075 a combination of 10 Simms hardbite cleats and 10 3/8 Kold kutter studs. Time will tell if it works, along wirh a wading staff, or if I end up ass...
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    Re: Guitar strings as leaders

    I have nothing to add here except that I love out of the box thinking and repurposing stuff. Excellent.
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    Re: What’s your favorite fly fishing pack?

    You can never go wrong with Filson. I love the tin cloth fanny pack, nicely laid out, big fan of tin cloth/oil cloth. How do you decided which of the two fanny packs to use on a given occasion? If...
  11. Re: Harvesting: proper way to euthanize your catch

    So while hunting down data on fish transport back home after a trip I came across this article on the this topic. How to Humanely Kill a Fish | Topic The science discussed in the article is...
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    Re: Making Road Coffee

    I use the 1 cup version of the Moka since its usually just me. I grind my self enough coffee for the trip and chuck in a ziplock. It takes no time at all for my old MSR Whiperlite to boil that small...
  13. Re: Wading boots: Newbie learned a lesson today

    I ended up with the G3s and am very happy.

    In terms of fishing, the shad run on the Potomac still rolls, though this year hard rains upstream have really been blowing the river out right during...
  14. Re: Average Break in time for a pair of Simms G3 Guide boots

    Once I get the Kold Cutters on I'll post up a pic of the soles as I think the pattern will be slightly different. Good call on the extra laces. Thanks.
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    Re: Costco has Pontoon Boats on sale for $300

    Very nice boat.
  16. Re: Average Break in time for a pair of Simms G3 Guide boots

    No way. I'm all in on the G3 bandwagon. I was really worried in the store while trying them on that it it would take forever to get them organized. Wearing them around all day in the...
  17. Re: Wading boots: Newbie learned a lesson today

    So to finish this up, just in case somebody else comes along and searches the same topic, I ended up with the G3s, they just felt right for me. that said That same day I tried on Simms, G3, Orvis...
  18. Re: Average Break in time for a pair of Simms G3 Guide boots

    So in answer to my own question from box to broken in, in my case, two weeks. Four different streams now, wading from ankle to hip deep, soft water to zesty and the G3s are as comfortable as any GTX...
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    Re: Is this a Midge?

    These look quite a bit like what I saw buzzing around the water yesterday, although I was too busy swatting them instead of having the presence of mind to sit still and catch one to get a good look....
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    Re: Rio Creek fly line

    I just had Rio Creek loaded in 3wt for my short 2wt rods, TFO Sig, Thomas and Thomas LPS and Winston LT. Because I liked how well each rod cast it I plan to use it as "baseline" this summer as I work...
  21. Re: Harvesting: proper way to euthanize your catch

    Hmm, everybody seems to have a riff on how to do this. I was told by a very experienced angler to do the following:
    1- small, sharp thin bladed knife to the back of the head and sever the spinal...
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    Re: Polarized sunglasses...Do the fish care?

    Actually, the question was the opposite of that. Clearly the fish didn't bite because of the color of a guy's glases, the question was is there a color that seems to have any negative effect on them...
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    Re: Polarized sunglasses...Do the fish care?

    LOL, you guys are a hoot! Thanks, for the confirmation, the fish don't care. I have been reading up on how different polarized lens colors perform in different situations. Very interesting.
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    Polarized sunglasses...Do the fish care?

    So up front I'm a convert on polarized glasses from the upland bird hunting world. The difference in clarity can be, well, breathtaking at times. I will keep running my trusty Oakley's until I...
  25. Re: Initial impressions of Simms Flyweight rubber sole wading boot

    I tried these boots on a few days ago and they are nice. As the OP described they remnded me of running shoes to a degree in terms of weight I would rank them in this order for context, lightest to...
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