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    Re: Is fly fishing inherently better?

    Better because............. by & large fly fishers are a more environmentally aware bunch. More often than not the fly fisher is purely a recreational fisher and practices catch & release. Because of...
  2. Re: Hairy Experiences with animals while fly fishing

    I'd make no claims about being the oldest because that would be wrong. Nor am I the most experienced but..... There's always the 'but' isn't there :) I've been fly fishing an even 50 years now and...
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    Not so good in South Central...

    Monday I was trout fishing so of course caught 7 kings :weight_li Hard work for a guy looking for easy game but that's how it went. Yesterday (Friday the solstice) I took a boat ride with some...
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    Re: Yakima doublehaul??

    All the good stuff is I think, every now and then you find a diamond in the rough but basically we have to pony up for the goodies :)

    I used Yakima towers with Mtn. Bike, ski and canoe attachments...
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    Re: Rod Love; the Fly Rod Picture Thread

    As fly fishing outfits go I'd say that set is very, very nice Denny.

    I have a rod to add to the thread but will wait until I get a line on my old CFO IV and then do the rod / reel thing. After 2...
  6. Re: What Have You Been Tying Lately? Spey/Switch Edition

    That clear vinyl on the back end is the hook holder / extension. For such small flies I use about 3/4" of it to keep the hook from fouling things up. I get that stuff by the yard at Alaska Rubber...
  7. Re: What Have You Been Tying Lately? Spey/Switch Edition

    As has become the new normal, nothing too difficult, Thor without ribbing on small tube.
  8. Re: So how long does a dry fly leader really need to be?

    Really small streams (and I mean really small) you have to tie your own, I learned to make a 6' sometimes 6'6" leader for Brook trout streams otherwise never needed more than a 9 - 10 foot leader....
  9. Re: How do you determine what color and size streamers to best attract trout?

    For trout I generally like what I call food color streamers. Brown, black, gray and combinations of all. However, if that comes up dry I go to something like the pattern Thor which is a traditional...
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    Re: Slow stroke, fast rod?

    This ^^^ pretty well sums it up, it's timing between the fore and aft movements that matter. Just read what he said carefully and it may make sense.
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    Re: Best 5w reel choice for abuse?

    Post number 8 resonated with me, I have and use neoprene cases on my reels when risks abound. They are not bombproof but worlds ahead of bare metal.

    I also went back and looked at your thread with...
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    Re: Acadia national park trip recommendations

    Drive down to Bucksport and stop at Jed Prouty's Inn for lunch or dinner, there are also great seafood spots in Bucksport. I always did my fishing way north of Bangor so I have no fishing Advice but...
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    Re: Straightening out a squashed rod guide?

    I would not do that. You may get away with it but you could easily pull the feet from under the wraps by pinching the guide....

    I would; check to be sure that the feet are secure under the...
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    Re: Straightening out a squashed rod guide?

    If the feet are secure under the wrappings and epoxy I would take some masking tape and pull about a foot from the roll. Next I would split the tape with a razor knife right down the middle to make 2...
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    Re: How do I go back to trout?

    There's more to fishing than the fight. If I just wanted to have a good fight I'd go down to the Knik Bar and hurl a few insults and get all I can handle:D

    All I want is to see if I can catch the...
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    Re: Tent rain barrier ?

    I am away from home at this time but will be home Sunday night I think, at that time I will will check a tent to. be sure there are no issues. Then I will send a pm to you. In the meantime Google...
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    Re: Do you have a fly rod problem?

    Someday logic will kick in and you will see the redundant nature of the rods,

    If you are collecting classic models for enjoyment I don't see a problem, if they're all contemporary rods that's...
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    Re: Out Gunned - Bad Feeling


    I have restored your last post, I did not see it prior to your editing it but your meaning remains clear even after editing.

    By now you should have figured out that we maintain a friendly...
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    Re: Out Gunned - Bad Feeling

    I hear you loud and clear, king salmon season is closed this year, the sockeye are iffy the silvers?? All bets are off.

    Being a fish guide when there are very few fish is the hardest job I ever...
  20. Re: Looking for first shooting head line (with integrated running line)

    We are talking about single hand rod using Spey style casts correct?

    If so, I just got one of the RIO Single Hand Spey 3D lines. That line works best with traditional mono leaders. I found that...
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    Re: first brown trout reel! haha!

    If you have used the Lamson's and like them.…… You know where I'm going there right?

    For trout fishing I've used the following on single hand fly rods all work great.

    Hardy: Featherweight -...
  22. Re: Looking for first shooting head line (with integrated running line)

    Sink tip or no sink tip depends upon the conditions of your fishing. Deep and swift water you may need some sink tip to help get the streamer down or any type fly.

    When I say 'deep' I mean more...
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    Re: Out Gunned - Bad Feeling


    Where have you been man! Good to see you still with us bud :)
  24. Thread: Saying HI

    by Ard

    Re: Saying HI

    Welcome to the forum,

    I lived in the Springs for quite awhile, one thing I never did was tell anyone about the creek you named. Don't be offended but I removed the creek name. I've been fishing...
  25. Thread: Golden Rainbow

    by Ard

    Re: Golden Rainbow

    I used to catch a few in Spring Creek below the Exhibition area up in Bellefont PA. They were definitely planted fish but they used to come down stream all the way to the dam at Milesburg and in the...
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